Spy & Security Gadgets:

KJB Security Rabbler Noise Interference Creator

Rabbler Noise Generator Device
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HD 4K Wifi Smoke Detector Spy Camera with Dual-Lens Night Vision and Audio

Smoke Detector Spy Camera with Dual-Lens Night Vision and Audio
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Taser® X2 Stun Gun with Double Lasers

Taser® X2 Stun Gun with Double Lasers
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Mini SpyWfi™ DIY Spy Camera with Audio (1.8″x1.7″x0.7″ in Size)

Spy Camera, Mini, DIY Wifi
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Light Bulb Spy Camera: Another Pair of Eyes in the Ceiling

Light Bulb Spy Camera

With the spread of advancements in security tech, security devices and common, everyday objects became seemingly interconnected. The light bulb spy camera is just one such innovation. It is unobtrusive yet effective in strengthening home or business security. We’ll look at the advantages of these kinds of cameras, common features and other things to consider … Read more

Small & Effective Hidden Home Surveillance Cameras

Hidden Home Surveillance Cameras

We live in turbulent times where personal as well as family’s safety and security are a top priority. The demand for small, discreet and effective surveillance solution has grown rapidly. And the manufacturers listened. Inexpensive, compact spy cameras for average home consumer were created. They pack a punch in terms of aesthetics, functionality and ease … Read more

How to Choose a Hidden Spy Camera with Audio: A Quick Guide

mini spy camera with audio

With advancement in surveillance technology, hidden camera with audio capabilities has been steadily rising among spy cam customers. These devices have got a unique aspect to them and are specifically meant for providing some security and also discreet monitoring options, that you just couldn’t get with normal cameras. This is a guide on why spy … Read more

Why Choose Air Freshener Camera?

Choose Air Freshener Camera

If you’ve been on the lookout for well camouflaged spy camera, you might have come across an air freshener spy camera. So why would you choose this camera over the others? Well, to start, if you don’t have an air freshener at home, this would be the ideal product, right? But seriously, air freshener cam … Read more

Why Choose a Smoke Detector Camera?

Smoke Detector Camera Installation

The ‘invasion’ of surveillance technology in home security has given birth to unique type of spy cam devices like the smoke detector camera. This, from the first look, unnoticeable gadget combines the functionality of a real smoke detector, but at the same time, boasts a discrete surveillance camera. Overall smoke detector spy camera gives homeowners … Read more

What are the Best Hidden Cameras for Bedroom?

Hidden Cameras for Bedroom

People often look for a good quality spy camera to protect their home. One of the main places you’d want to install the camera is a bedroom. Why? Because bedrooms is one of the first places any burglar will look into when robbing your house. People hide all kinds of valuables in bedrooms. Drawers, under … Read more

Smoke Alarm Camera: 2-in-1 Home Protection

Smoke Alarm Camera

Fire protection in homes has relied on traditional home smoke alarms for many years now. Nonetheless, contemporary advancements in technology have brought about a new age of safety devices called smoke alarm cameras. Smoke alarm cameras incorporate the main function of normal smoke alarms coupled with advanced video monitoring devices (sometimes audio surveillance also) to … Read more

Hiding the Hidden Outdoor Camera

Hidden Outdoor Camera Hiding Spots

What is a Hidden Outdoor Camera? A hidden CCTV camera or wireless security camera, as the name suggests, is a surveillance device designed to blend in with the environment when used outside. Unlike regular security cameras, these discreet gadgets can be camouflaged or may come in pre-build units to resemble ordinary objects. It decreases the … Read more

10 Innovative Household Items Transformed into DIY Spy Cameras

dome spy camera indoors

Using ordinary household items to create spy cameras for discreet monitoring can be interesting and creative project as it involved technology, we all love. And you get to toy with everyday common objects that I’m sure you’ve got in your household. With just some simple components and a bit of imagination, common items can be … Read more