How About a Spy Cam that Keeps an Eye on Everything that’s Going on In Your House? Automatically

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Want to Have an Ultimate Spy in Your House and Know What’s happening Everywhere, All the Time? Then a Spy Cam is What You Need

We’ve all seen those scenes from movies, when burglars get caught thanks to some high-tech security cameras. Such episodes are thrilling and exciting. And then you wonder, gee, wouldn’t it be great to have such tool in my house.

Well, you can stop wondering, because it’s not a scene from a movie anymore.

It seems that such spy cams are only used in big company buildings or by politicians who need security. But no, not at all. A spy cam is available to almost anyone these days. And you don’t need to be a VIP to have one in your house…

To tell the truth, people are using spy cameras in their houses and apartments every single day and it’s not so magical thing as it might seem from the first place.

But you may be wondering by now that these spy cameras are very expensive.

Wrong again. You can get a spy cam for as little as $100 bucks on the internet without any problems whatsoever. Sure, if you want a serious spy cam system in your house, then you’ll need to pay much more money. In some cases, over few thousand dollars actually. But hey, if you want a powerful system, you have to be ready to pay more…

But if you’re just trying out and you’re not very familiar with all the spy cams and spy gadgets available, a small spy camera for basic purposes could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Now tell me, wouldn’t you want to have a ‘guard’ that spies on everything you want? Yah, who wouldn’t’ Now, with a spy cam you could:

  • See who’s goofing around your house
  • Keep an eye on your kids while they’re playing around
  • Discover if your spouse is cheating on you
  • Keep an eye on your nanny while you’re not home
  • See who’s knocking the door
  • Keep away the burglars by putting a spy cam in some obvious place
  • Watch your family members in the living room
  • Keep a close watch in any bedroom
  • Spot a thieve inside your house
  • And lots of other juicy things

As you can see, a spy cam could be your ultimate weapon. Even one tiny cam could easily replace a guard on a duty. A spy cam never sleeps, and it’s always on duty, day and night’

And if you doubt that a spy cam could actually protect you from the thieves, then let me assure you that it can. Moreover, it can spot a burglar, record everything on tape (or digital video), wake you up and even call your chosen dial numbers automatically. So if you’re worried about a security, relax, a spy cam will spot it, no matter what it is…

Ok, if you’ve heard enough about spy cams and how these neat little gadgets can serve you, then it’s time to give you some tips about spy cameras. Although, you might not need professional spy security equipment in your house just yet and a basic spy cam is what you’re looking for, it’s still good to know a couple of tips before choosing a spy cam.

Tips Before Choosing a Spy Cam

First of all, you might want to know a little more about different technologies used in spy cams. Some spy cameras use CMOS, others CCD imaging chips for capturing images digitally. Let’s try to briefly describe both and see which one is better, ok.

Imaging Technology

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and CCD (Charge Coupled Device) both are imaging elements that convert light into electrical images. Both of these components are critical as they determine the quality of picture of a spy cam.

Basically, both of these technologies used in spy cams are responsible for the resolution and overall image quality of your spy cam. CCD is considered to be better than CMOS, because it provides higher resolution and image quality. CMOS is cheaper technology, thus most spy cameras still use CMOS chips. However, some CMOS spy cameras can produce relatively good image quality.

Black & White vs. Color Spy Cams

Yep, you’re probably saying: ‘There are no questions about. Color is better than black-and white. Period.’ Heh, not so fast’ In some cases black-and-while spy cams are better than color ones, and it’s not just the matter of price.

The main reason of a color spy cam is that it’s colored and provides more natural view. Sometimes, you can’t recognize a thing in B&W, but you know what it is if you see it in color. So obviously a color spy cam is very useful, but it’s also more expensive one.

Black and white spy cams on the other hand, also have their own advantages. For example, B&W spy cameras have more lines of resolution. It means that image will be better in B&W than color. B&W spy cams have also lower light requirements.


LUX is a measurement of intensity of light. Basically, what you need to know is that the lower the LUX, the lower light is needed to reproduce a picture. Let me rephrase that. Simply stated, the lower the LUX, the better a spy cam sees in low light conditions.

So if you’re thinking about a spy cam that captures quality video in darker areas, choose a spy cam with LUX, below 0.05. For darker areas you may want to choose 0.03 or lower.


There are basically three types of frequencies used in spy cams:

  • 900MHz
  • 1.2GHz
  • 2.4GHz

Basically, these frequencies do not mean that one is better than the other. The reason why different frequencies are used is that many devices transmit data at certain frequencies. Your satellite dish, cordless phones, wireless computer networks can be the main problems. If these devices operate in the same frequency, for example 1.2GHz then all the devices may not work properly.

There’s no clear standard here. Most, however use 1.2 or 2.4 frequencies. Some people get 1.2GHz spy cams, others 2.4GHz frequency spy cameras. If you have 2.4GHz frequency devices in your home, then 1.2GHz spy camera would be a wise choice. If your devices use 1.2GHz frequency, then claim a 2.4GHz spy cam.

Transmission Range

It’s also called – ‘Line of Sight’ (LOS). It means a distance between a spy cam and a receiver (we’re talking about wireless spy cams here). LOS means that the range has nothing in the way. It means a clear signal from one location to another where no obstacles occur.

Depending on a model, a wireless spy cam may have 50 feet, 300 feet or up to 3000 feet range. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll get such distance exactly. In reality, a spy cam will have a lower line of sight. It’s because various obstacles, like walls, doors or other constructions show up in the way.

It’s simple, the fewer constructions (walls, doors, ceilings) a signal has to go through, the longer the distance you may have.

So if you’ve heard enough info about spy cameras and are ready to get yourself a spy cam that will record everything inside or outside your house, then go to partner online store right now and claim your spy cam today.

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