Wireless Listening Devices

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Long gone are the days of wired listening devices. Now you can find plenty of quality wireless listening devices, bug transmitters, receivers, recorders. If you are looking for pro spy listening gadgets, the check out some of our best performing listening devices.

In the range of wireless listening devices, distant ones are probably the best tools for the job. The capabilities are amazing with these sound amplifiers. They can let you hear conversations from up to 300 feet away. They are often used by special agencies, military, PI’s.

You can grab a conversation while sitting inside your car or in remote location. Just point a parabolic antenna towards the direction you want to listen in. Some of these sound amplifiers have the ability to automatically record sound, so you can have the evidence needed.

Wireless Cell Phone Monitoring

You can also listen in to people that use cell phones. How many of your friends and relatives have cells? Better question, do you know anyone that doesn’t?

Everyone has a cell phone. And now with the help of new sophisticated technology, you can even listen in to people’s conversations remotely. All you need to do is install a simple software and it records what you need. But it’s only when there’s a conversation on the phone. If you are looking for close-range wireless listening devices, then you may like some of the options below:

Small & Covert Wireless Listening Devices

These include digital audio recorders, pen voice recorders. They are completely covert. They look like regular devices, yet, are capable of recording up to 30 hours of audio. No wires. Just put one of these inside your pocket and go on the mission.

One of the most popular covert wireless listening device is spy pen. Most of these are powerful enough to capture quality sound and use simple cable to transfer data from a pen to PC or laptop.

You can read more about our listening products on this website. To narrow your search, determine whether you want a remote/distant listening device or a voice recorder in your pocket. Go ahead and read more about our amateur and professional listening devices:

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