Let a GPS Tracking System Save Your Company Thousands of Dollars by Monitoring Your Vehicles and Spotting Irresponsible Employees!

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Want a GPS Vehicle Tracking System to Tell You Where Your Car is at the Moment? Or Maybe You Need Just a Simple Handheld GPS Tracker? Well, a GPS Device is the Answer for You!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how your employees are using your company’s cars, but never thought about the possibilities to track them, then listen up! Now, you can install a small, but extremely powerful GPS tracking system device into your car, and see exactly where your car is at the moment (or was at a particular time) and at what speed your employee drives it.

Heh, we all know how employees love to abuse a company’s vehicles. It’s not theirs, so why should they treat it like theirs. If you’ve ever driven a rented vehicle, you know what I mean’

GPS vehicle tracking is becoming more and more popular these days. Many managers and company owners install GPS tracking systems into their cars to track employees. So if you’re one of them, then listen carefully to learn what a GPS vehicle tracking system can do for you.

With a GPS tracking system you’ll know exactly:

  • If your employees are using your vehicle to move to a new apartment
  • If they’re using your vehicle on weekends or holidays
  • If they’re exceeding a speed limit and abusing your vehicle
  • If they’re taking extended lunch hours during a workday

And you won’t need to call your employee just to check where they are at the moment. All you’ll have to do is look at the computer screen. Easy, huh?

How GPS Tracking Works and What Data does the GPS Vehicle Tracking Provide?

Now, if you’re wondering how a GPS vehicle tracking system works, here’s a quick overview. You simply put a small GPS (Global Positioning System) device in your vehicle. It can be almost any place you can think of (trunk, under the seat, or inside the door). Then, the signal is sent to the main center. You can connect to that center using internet connection and see all the data you need.

Now, the GPS tracking system can be updated as often as 2 minutes, or as rare as half an hour. In many cases, you may adjust the frequency to your own needs. But every 2 or 5 minutes should be perfectly enough to track your vehicles.

What Kind of Data a GPS Vehicle Tracking System can Provide?

With a quality GPS tracking system in place, you can track the location of your vehicle. That’s obvious of course. That’s what it’s designed for actually…

But that’s not all.

See, the GPS system not only shows you the location of a vehicle at a present time. It also creates a log file. This log file is the data that’s collected about each of your vehicles. So you can easily see the history of your vehicle. Such GPS vehicle tracking system can inform you about the following:

  • Exceeded Speed
    We all know that driving too fast in some cases will waste more gasoline, and eventually ware out your vehicle sooner than you can expect.A GPS tracking system monitors the vehicles speed too. It will alert you whenever someone exceeds the preset speed limit. So now you have a total control over your vehicles.
  • Customer Service
    What if your customer calls you and he wants the delivery fast, or needs your vehicles for some another reason?Now instead of calling each end every employee, you go to the computer screen and see which of your employees is the closest to the customer. You give directions and make your business go even smoother.
  • Who’s Abusing Your Vehicle?
    GSP vehicle tracking can give you a report of all your vehicles speeds during that past 30 or 90 days.Now, you can see which ones of your employees are constantly exceeding the speed limit and you know who to talk to about it.

As you can see, a GPS vehicle tracking is absolutely must for a company that controls more than one vehicle. However, a GPS system is not only designed for truck or rented car companies’

You Can Install a GPS Tracking System Almost Anywhere! Boat, Plane or a Bicycle

GPS Tracking System in Your Car

Do you hate those moments when you’re lost with your car in the middle of nowhere? Well, it would never happen if you had a GPS system in place.

With a GPS vehicle tracking system built in your car, you can easily find a location you’re looking for. There are even voice systems that tell you where to turn and where to go. You don’t have to think anymore, the GPS does it for you.

It’s extremely useful for security reasons too. Now, even if burglars steal your car, you’ll know exactly where it is. With a little help of local police, you’ll get your vehicle back.

And you know what? Insurance companies love GPS! That’s right. Some insurance companies offer as much as 30% discounts on car insurance, if it has GPS tracking system in place. Hey, it’s a win-win situation’

GPS Tracking System in Your Boat

Actually, many yacht or boat renting company owners may easily install GPS tracking and track the boat’s location. There are especially designed GPS devices that are water-resistant. So tracking boats becomes a boon.

But again, GPS tracking systems are not only for company owners. Regular individuals may also install such GPS systems into their boats.

Fishers, for instance, may use GPS not to get lost in the sea. Some GPS systems can even show the fishing hot-spots so you know exactly where to return to catch fish.

GPS Tracking System in Your Hand?

Actually, there are portable GPS outdoor units for those who like to travel a lot. Such handheld GPS tracking devices are usually:

  • Weatherproof
  • Water-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Have long battery life
  • Have rough surface
  • Color screens
  • And easy-to-understand mapping features

It’s ideal for those who spend a lot of time outside. If you love camping on foot or with bicycles, then such portable GPS devices are for you.

Now you may not worry about getting lost, because you can always trust a reliable GPS device. Cell phones do not work all the time, not to mention short battery longevity. Having a portable GPS tracking system in your hand, you can travel wherever you want and not be afraid of getting lost.

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