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Let’s try to Find out if Home Security Cameras Along with Video Recorder and a Surveillance Software Can Get the Job Done!

As every caring parent, you want to protect your family in every possible way. When you think about all the burglaries; that occur at night, or when people are on holidays, it makes you stop and think about your and your family’s security.

As the old saying goes, you’re never too careful

But getting a better lock or some armor door will not solve the problem completely. Well, maybe for those who live in apartments, on the 3rd floor or above. However, those of us who live in a house, we need a better home security solution. And one of such solutions would be – a home security system.

Home security systems may cost from $20 buck do-it-yourself kit, to a few thousand dollars built-in DVR and multiple spy camera system.

Let’s try to find out what systems are best for your situation, ok’

Do-It-Yourself Home Security Systems

These home security camera systems are very cheap. Usually, it means that you have to buy some sort of a spy camera or a webcam. Connect it to your PC. Download some cheap or even free software for recording movements. And whenever someone moves, your webcam will detect the movement and start recording. It can even dial a number (neighbors, security firm, etc.) to warn about detected movements. Such a home security system might be a neat solution for an amateur. But for real home protection, you should consider better options.

Problem is that, one or few webcams (not mentioning the poor quality resolution) will not secure your home as they should. You’d need to get more of such cameras and install them near your PC (unless they’re wireless). And they still won’t be able to record the most important areas of your house. So a more expensive option is highly recommended.

You don’t want to risk your family’s safety with cheap webcams, do you?

All-In-One Home Security Systems for Home Protection

These systems can cost from few hundred to a few thousand dollars. But with such systems you’ll be able to feel safe at home. Such home security systems many times come with home automation built-in. For example, when intruders try to sneak in, lights light-up and the signal starts beeping. Additionally a remote control can control your outdoor or indoor security cameras’

These systems may be wired or wireless, depending on your needs and a budget. Wireless systems cost more, but the installation is easier. You don’t need to set-up wires across the house, like with wired home security cameras.

Home Security Cameras

An important attribute of a home security system is a camera. Cameras may be wired or wireless, as mentioned before. But there are some more points to consider when choosing a spy camera.

For instance, do you want your home security cameras to be able to capture a view in the dark or not? If so, then LUX measurement shouldn’t be overlooked. The lower the LUX, the better your home security cameras will see in the dark.

Another point to consider is the angle of view. The wider the angle, the better. Also, the imaging technology of your security cameras is important. If you need high quality picture, then opt for CCD chip based home security cameras. CMOS based camera will produce lower quality images, but will cost cheaper.

If you’re thinking about wireless home security cameras, then take a transmission range into account. Some cameras allow you to have up to 50 feet signal, others as much as 3000 feet or so. Of course, the range will be shorter if the signal has to go through walls and ceilings.

DVR Home Security Systems with PC-based or Embedded Digital Video Recorders?

This is one of the most expensive, but actually the best option for home security. DVR’s allow you to record high quality video right into your PC or embedded DVR. It should be noted that PC-based DVR systems sometimes crash and virus threat isn’t uncommon too. Therefore, embedded DVR’s are a better choice.

With such a DVR home security system, you can record digital images (with sound if available) into the recorder. Unlike VCR systems, DVR has much better image quality and doesn’t require you to change video tapes from time to time. Embedded DVR recorders have huge amounts of HDD space. They’re operated by Linux system and are much more stable than PC-based DVR home security system devices run by Windows.

Easy search option is available. It means that you can find any event that happened in the past by date, within seconds. Such home security camera systems are wonderful for quality monitoring of your house.

Motion Detection in a Home Security Camera System Detects Thieves and Protects Your Home

Home security camera systems also have a built in motion detection devices. These devices are very neat for capturing any burglary and recording it on the video.

They’re sometimes built-in spy or security cameras or come separately, but are installed near the home security cameras. Motion detectors are triggered when someone moves through the camera’s field of view. When a detector is triggered, it automatically tells the system to start recording. Additionally, it may tell the system to ring your neighbors or a security firm if you hire one.

For example, if you’re not home, away, on holiday and someone tries to intrude into your house, a system starts recording and notifies you, even if you’re thousands of miles away from your home. You may connect via internet and watch what your home security cameras have recorded; or stream live view instantly. If you detect something unusual, you may call a police or neighbors to check.

Hiring a Security Company vs. Installing All-In-One Home Security System Yourself

You know that there are many home security companies out there that will be glad to monitor your house for a monthly fee. It’s not too expensive in some cases. It may cost only $30 bucks a month for a monitoring. They might even give you the whole system for free if you sign a long term contract.

Home security systems that you can install yourself, do not require any monthly payments. One time fee for a package and you have it as long as you want.

Actually, both options are good. If you hire a quality security firm, then you can be sure that they’ll do their best to arrive on time and stop thieves from robbing your home’ Unlike police that may arrive too late, or your neighbors who might not be at home all the time either.

However, stand alone home security systems can also secure your house effectively. Even if you’re not there, the system might turn on the alarm and notify the whole neighborhood about the intrusion. You can even put various decals saying that your house is protected by home security system. This can prevent burglars from taking action.

Also, even if a burglar gets in the house, he’ll be recorded. You’ll also instantly get a notification via email, or phone when this happens. If you have a laptop, you can connect to the security cameras any time and check what’s going on.

And the best part about home security systems is that you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. One time payment and you have a quality home protection that will do its job. In the end, it’s up to you what is better for you. But a home security system is absolutely must if you want to protect your home well.

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