Mini Spy Cameras Will Help You Uncover those Shady Criminals without Any Suspicion

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If You Want a Mini Spy Camera to Help You in Your Secret Surveillance, then These Mini Cameras are Exactly What You Need!

Private investigators or police detectives get all kinds of tasks to complete. From capturing a cheating spouse, to unveiling a drug dealers’ dirty businesses. For such and many other missions, various spy equipment is necessary to successfully accomplish a task. In some cases, a listening device or night vision goggles are not enough. So mini spy cameras and wearable spy equipment can help you perform tasks where other spy devices would be simply useless.

There are many delicate cases where your undercover work has to be almost perfect. Otherwise, a small mistake could ruin all the operation.

Dealing with a suspect and making him believe that you’re reliable isn’t enough. Getting a proof that exposes the truth and puts the bastard into the jail is the goal. So mini spy cameras are simply critical in such situations’

A wearable mini spy camera put into your denim jacket or a baseball cap can record pictures or even voice, which can be critical. Such wearable mini spy cameras are absolutely must for professional secret undercover operations. But mini spy cameras are not only used as body worn gear. They can be installed in any other area at home or office without much trouble.

Mini Spy Cameras in Car, at Home or Office Will Capture the Suspects in No Time

Aside from wearable spy cameras, mini spy cameras provide useful images from any other remote place. For instance, placed in a car, a mini spy cam can record a conversation, if audio equipment is set-up. Such mini camera could record a suspect taking a bribe’ Or a drug dealer selling dope; or any other crime’

Many PI (Private Investigation) companies’ clients want to track their cheating spouses. A mini spy camera installed in a car could easily capture some intimate details on the backseat of their car. Such mini spy cameras could be placed at home, installed in a bedroom for example.

Mini spy cameras could be hidden almost anywhere.

Covert spy cameras come in different shapes and sizes. They look like regular everyday objects, but will do what you want them to do – spy on your suspects.

You may place a clock, book or PC speakers in front of the area to be monitored, and you can relax and wait until a mini spy camera will capture a picture that you need. Such hidden (covert) spy cameras are already designed to look like regular objects.

However, if you want a micro sized camera so you could put it anywhere you want (pocket, teddy bear, radio, PC, TV’), you can find many options suitable for you too.

But just any mini spy camera will not necessarily deliver you what you want. If you don’t know the specifications, it might be harder to pick the right mini spy camera for your needs. Let’s try to cover some basic points you should consider before buying mini cameras.

Specifications of Mini Spy Cameras. What You Should Pay Attention to?

B&W vs. Color Mini Spy Cameras

Black and white mini spy cams offer better image quality than colored cameras. Usually, B&W mini spy cams have about 380 lines. Colored cameras have about 330 lines. For high resolution, B&W may have about 580 and color spy cameras about 460 horizontal lines.

If your TV or VCR support less than produced resolution, then you won’t be able to see the high quality images. However, if you’re using wireless solutions or digital video recorders, then resolution will be good with quality mini spy cameras.

Imaging Chip Type

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and CCD (Charge Coupled Device)are the main elements that determine the quality of a picture that your mini spy camera records.

CMOS technology is older and isn’t as good as CCD. CCD chips used in mini spy cameras produce higher quality images. So if you need quality, then definitely choose CCD imaging technology in mini spy cameras. Otherwise, CMOS might be for you, because mini spy cameras that use CMOS are slightly cheaper.

LUX of Mini Spy Cameras

LUX is a measurement of intensity of light. You need to know only one thing. The lower the LUX, the better your mini spy cam will record in darkness. Some cameras have a LUX of 0.3 or 0.1, which is very good for dark environments.

So if you need your mini spy camera to record images in pitch black areas, choose the one that has a low LUX measurement.

Transmission Range of Spy Mini Cameras

If you need a wireless mini spy camera to be placed in some remote areas to monitor, then the transmission signal range is important.

Some wireless mini spy cameras transmit the signal up to 50 feet only, some 200 or even few thousand feet. It depends on how many obstacles are there in the way. The more walls and ceilings the signal has to face, the shorter the range will be. So, in some cases, advertised 800 feet range, will actually be 200 feet. You can never know exactly. The nearer you put a mini spy camera to the receiver, the better your signal will be. If a distance is longer, try to make your signal to face as less obstacles as possible.

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P.S Mini spy cameras can be your best friend in difficult undercover operations. Such mini devices can easily record high quality pictures with sound, which you can use as a proof against a suspect.

P.P.S For private investigators and other law enforcement officials, mini spy cameras can be very beneficial. These tiny devices can be installed almost anywhere and record high-resolution pictures.