Body Worn Spy Camera Will Spy Any Place You Walk into, Unnoticed!

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Wearable Spy Equipment Enables You to Perform the Most Highly Skilled Surveillance “Missions” with Ease

You’ve probably seen many “James Bond” type movies where a secret agent puts on some glasses (which look like regular glasses), and records everything what he sees in a room.

Such scene can only be seen in movies, right? Or maybe not?

We all know that technology allows a lot of things these days. But is it so advanced that you cold put on some sunglasses on your face, which allow you to transmit live video into your PC? And the answer is YES!

Yes, as a matter of fact, you can do even more with wearable spy equipment. Body worn spy camera, for instance, may record the picture that you see and transmit a live view into your DVD or DVR equipment. Moreover, wearable spy equipment is not limited to spy cameras. You may also have a tiny microphone and record not only the picture, but sound too.

Can you imagine having the ultimate spy equipment with integrated hidden audio and video transmitters that capture and record everything you see? It’s not a dream, it’s a reality.

Just think about a secret spy operation where you need to record a conversation with a suspect. No security or mounted spy cameras could help you in this case. But a professional wearable spy equipment with audio microphones and video spy cameras would be a perfect choice.

What Kind of Wearable Spy Equipment is Available on the Market for You?

Wearable spy equipment is not limited to body worn spy camera in glasses only. As a matter of fact, you can have almost any kind of wearable spy equipment you can think of. Just look at a couple examples available:

  • Pen Spy Camera – You can have a pen spy camera and no one will ever believe that it’s a spy cam. Such pen is ideal for covert surveillance. You can put it in your pocket and easily record every single corner you walk into.
  • Spy Camera in Pagers – Who could assume that you have a spy camera in your pager? People use pagers everyday and there’s no secret to anyone. So having a body worn camera in your pager won’t attract any attention at all.
  • Spy Camera in Your Watch – Yep, that’s another scene from super agent movies. With a spy camera in your watch, you can take pictures of important documents or capture anyone with a click of a button.
  • Cigarette-Lighter Spy Cam – It can be even a tiny cigarette lighter. Smoke one cigarette and record live pictures at the same time. And you can leave this wearable spy device anywhere “by accident”, leave it to record some important video clips.
  • Baseball Cap Spy Camera – You can also purchase a spy camera inside a baseball cap. Many people wear these caps. Do you think that someone would suspect that you hide a camera inside that cap? Nope. Such body worn spy camera is very handy for secret surveillance.
  • Hidden Camera in Glasses – Wireless spy camera in glasses is one of the most popular choices of private investigators or spy enthusiasts. Spy glasses will record the exact area you look into. Look at a document and take a picture. You look at some people and take pictures. There’s absolutely no reason to suspect you in any way.

These are just a few option of wearable spy equipment. No matter where you go, such body worn spy cameras can do the job. You can actually purchase mini wireless spy cameras and put them inside wearable everyday items.

Some mini spy cameras can be put into your sleeve, behind a button, in your tie, your cell phone, a rose in your pocket or about anything you can think of. It’s simply a boon for secret surveillance as nobody will detect a body worn spy camera you wear.

What to Look for in a Body Worn Spy Camera?

If you need a spy camera for private investigation or covert surveillance, then there are a couple of things you should take a look at. First of all, it’s the design of the wearable spy equipment; such as a body worn spy camera.

  • Style – It actually depends on your needs. If you want stylish glasses or a baseball cap, then you may choose stylish equipment. On the other hand, stylish is not always good. If you’re thinking about covert surveillance situations in some remote areas, villages or country side, then very stylish design might look suspicious, don’t you think.
  • Wires – Another thing you might want to consider is wires. If wires are not completely hidden, then you’ll definitely look suspicious. Most body worn cameras however come with aesthetically integrated wires, which are perfectly hidden.
  • Color – Just as regular spy cameras, there are two options for body worn spy cameras. You may choose color or black-and-white wearable spy cams. Of course, color cameras have obvious advantage. But black-and-white body worn cameras have better resolution and are cheaper.
  • Audio – If you need a body worn spy camera with integrated audio equipment for serious surveillance operations, then there are options available for you too.

You may purchase a body worn camera with audio transmitters that are built-into some everyday wearable items we’ve mentioned earlier (caps, glasses, cell phones, etc.).

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