Why Choose Air Freshener Camera?

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Choose Air Freshener Camera

If you’ve been on the lookout for well camouflaged spy camera, you might have come across an air freshener spy camera.

So why would you choose this camera over the others?

Well, to start, if you don’t have an air freshener at home, this would be the ideal product, right? But seriously, air freshener cam is a great choice, because it nicely blends in with your home interior.

But this type of device has also a disguised mini spy camera. You can spy in your room freely and in complete secrecy with this device.

Who Could Benefit from Air Freshener Cam?

Let’s take a look at a few examples where this type of spy camera works the best.

  • Recording a Cheating Spouse – One of the more common situations sadly. You suspect your loved one is cheating on you. But you don’t have the evidence. You can’t spy on her or him, because you’re at work. Well, place this air refresher camera somewhere in bedroom, on the table facing the bed, and let it record what’s happening. Review footage later on to be sure whether you’re cheated on or not.
  • Pet Surveillance – Let’s say you have a few pets. When you come home, you notice a mess. You aren’t sure which one is causing all the trouble. With air freshener spy cam, you can record what’s going on without being at home yourself. Once you review the footage, you’ll determine whether it’s one or more of your lovely dogs or cats stirring up the place. You’ll know which one should be taken to a dog expert for behavior lessons.
  • Catching Thieves – Air freshener cam can act just like a security camera and record footage of your room. Let’s say you notice some items are missing in the house, and you know that many people come in and out of your house. With such spy cam, you can secretly record what’s happening, who’s stealing your stuff for instance.

Beauty of these hidden cameras is that no one will suspect they’re there. And if someone is stealing from you, they’ll be cautious of doing so, if they see a security camera mounted on the wall. But with hidden cam, they’re free to behave naturally, like they always do. And you can catch them in the act. Just a small warning, check the local laws in your area, as surveillance even in your premises, like home office may be illegal.

Reasons to Choose Air Freshener Spy Camera

There is more than one option of air freshener cameras on the market, but we’ll cover the basic characteristics of these cams.

  • Battery Life – these cams can last up to 3 months until you need to recharge it. That’s plenty of time, especially if it’s sitting at home, and you can replace the batteries any day.
  • Good Resolution – Video recording quality is generally good these days. You’ll find 1080p camera models almost anywhere. But some of these air freshener cameras boast 2K and higher resolutions.
  • Microphone – Again, not all models, but many have built-in mics. Which means you can record audio data, conversations.
  • Motion Detection – As with many cameras nowadays, motion sensing seems almost like a must thing to have. And you’ll find fresheners with motion sensors as well.
  • Storage Cards – These models often use SD cards for data storage. From 32gb to 128gb. Obviously, the larger the card, the more data you can store in it.

Air freshener spy camera is a great tool if you think about monitoring something or someone discreetly. They have pretty good parameters and blend in with the home environment quite well.

One thing to look for is the price.

These can cost a few hundred bucks or so. That can be considered cheap or expensive, depending on what you’re comparing them with. In the end, there’s a reason for a price of these spy cameras. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out, or get tricked, if you buy a more expensive option. You’ll end up with more features probably. But look around, see what’s out there, compare the functions and find the one, which fits your budget and needs.