What are the Best Hidden Cameras for Bedroom?

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Hidden Cameras for Bedroom

People often look for a good quality spy camera to protect their home. One of the main places you’d want to install the camera is a bedroom. Why? Because bedrooms is one of the first places any burglar will look into when robbing your house.

People hide all kinds of valuables in bedrooms. Drawers, under the bed, commodes, etc. – all these places are common for storing jewels, necklaces, rings or money. So, if you think about home security, bedroom should be one room you’d want to have a small hidden spy camera in.

Another common reason why consumers often choose a bedroom to install a small hidden camera in, is infidelity.

Spouses cheat more often that you’d think. If a husband is away at work, a wife may bring in a “friend” over and he knows nothing about it. After a while you may start suspecting something. That’s when people choose to investigate further. Therefore, choosing a good bedroom spy cam may be the best bet when it comes to catching cheaters in action, so to speak.

So, having said that, what’s the best spy camera for bedroom you ask?

Well, there are many examples of great spy cameras to choose from. Small and innocuous, or camouflaged and looking like an everyday item. Let’s take a look at several of these to get a better idea:

Top 6 Best Hidden Cameras for Bedroom

  1. Hidden table clock spy camera – It’s a mini camera hidden inside an alarm clock or morning table clock. You can easily put it in bedroom, next to your bed and monitor the room.
  2. Photo frame camera – One of the cheaper options out there. You can place a photo of your kids or your spouse inside it. The frame has a small lens through which it records high-definition video and in some models, audio.
  3. Bluetooth speaker bedroom camera – A great option if you want a legitimate device in your bedroom without raising eyebrows. Hidden rotating lens inside has a motion sensor, some models offer night vision as well. On top of that, it acts like a real Bluetooth speaker.
  4. Air freshener camera – We’ve reviewed this device before. A great option for a bedroom spy camera. It records 1080p videos (although in some cases you can find 2K resolution option), has motion sensors, night vision and wifi. Blends in nicely with the bedroom environment.
  5. USB Charger with built-in cam – You plug it into a wall and it records everything in the room. Neat, isn’t it? Best part, it draws power from the electric socket, so no replacement of batteries is necessary. Just make sure to position it well to cover the area you want to monitor.
  6. Wrist watch spy camera – A more versatile approach would be a wristwatch camera. It’s a body word hidden camera device that records video and audio. You can leave it on the table in a bedroom before going to sleep and let it record what’s happening throughout the day.

One thing to think of when choosing a bedroom spy camera is justification for having the device in the first place. For example, if you bring some fake cola can spy cam or plushy toy camera, you’d need to explain to your spouse what’s that thing doing in the bedroom.

You should pick an item that’s nicely concealed and fits the environment, without raising suspicion. If you don’t need it to spy on your ex-loved one, and you only want to monitor potential theft, then your options expand a little in this case.

In Summary

There are many great solutions when it comes to the best spy camera for bedroom. These devices can be small or large, as long as they’re concealed properly and don’t raise suspicion by intruders, then you’re good to go.

You can find or DIY when it comes to small hidden cameras for bedroom. Buy a tiny wireless camera and place it in any object you want. Creative is your friend in this case. But if you don’t want to mess with the tech, and just looking for a quick and easy way to monitor your bedroom, one of these hidden spy cameras will definitely do the trick.