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You Don’t Need a Pro Surveillance Devices or DVR Spy Camera Recorders to Perform a Basic Surveillance! A Cheap Webcam and Webcam Surveillance Software Will Do the Job!

If you want cheap webcam surveillance software, or video surveillance software to spy and secure your office or home, or record every single movement someone makes over a computer screen, then good software will easily monitor and warn you about any suspicious actions you need to know.

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As you probably realized from the first sentence, there are two kinds of surveillance camera software available. The one that monitors video using a webcam, and the other one that monitors every keystroke or website visited (screen capturing software).

Webcam Surveillance Software

Such software (webcam surveillance software), is very good if you want a cost-efficient solution to help spy on someone in the room or office. You can set-up such video surveillance software to record more than one webcam view into your PC and save the video for later view.

Additionally, such webcam surveillance software can start recording when a motion is detected. You can tell the software to activate a webcam and start recording only when a movement is detected. This saves HDD bandwidth significantly.

It is useful if you’d like to record your room mates, your family members in your room, your office co-workers or anyone else you can think of. Such webcam surveillance software along with a webcam acts like a spy camera, but costs much less than professional hidden camera equipment.

Video Surveillance Software

Unlike webcam software, video surveillance software records every single move of the mouse or a keystroke clicked. Such surveillance software can record:

  • Emails
  • Chats
  • IM’s
  • Websites
  • Keystrokes
  • Programs
  • P2P
  • Documents
  • Internet Connection
  • Clipboards Activity
  • And more’

This kind of video surveillance software is ideal for company managers and parents too. For instance, managers may setup such surveillance software on every computer and record who’s abusing their system. Whenever a warning application is triggered, they get an email with all the details.

Parents may want to prohibit their children from accessing one or another adult website and such video surveillance software can easily do that. It can also record every action a kid takes and notify the parents about it via email.

If you’re basically familiarized yourself with both kinds of surveillance camera software, let’s take a closer look at each of the video software and see what they can do for you.

How Surveillance Camera Software is Different from a Regular Webcam Surveillance Software

For spying and professional surveillance, many companies (or even regular home owners) concerned about security use surveillance camera software along with powerful DVR or VCR security camera systems. Such wired or wireless CCTV or hidden cameras, surveillance monitors, and surveillance camera software (or security DVR software) are not cheap. But for professional security and surveillance, they’re the best option you can get.

However, for a basic surveillance, such as your room monitoring or office, webcam surveillance software is perfectly enough. Such surveillance camera software costs less then a few hundred dollars. Some are even less than $50 bucks.

If you’d like to try out webcam surveillance software to record actions taken by your webcam, then make sure that is meets the following requirements:

Webcam Surveillance Software Features

  • Audio Capturing – Make sure that your surveillance camera software has an option to record audio. If you want to record a conversation along with video, audio option is preferred.
  • Compressed Files – Some webcam surveillance software do not compress a video, thus your HDD may fill quickly. Make sure that there’s an option to compress your audio and video files.
  • Remote Access – Make sure that there’s an option to access your video log files remotely. If you’re away, it would be great if your webcam surveillance software allowed you to watch your videos via web.
  • Motion Detection – This feature is crucial. Most surveillance webcam software allows you to use this function. Make sure you can define the triggering sensitivity and video recording length of a clip.
  • Alert Options – Surveillance camera software that allows you to specify alert functions is preferred. Your software should alert you via FTP, email or a phone when some kind of motion (intrusion) is detected.
  • Multiple Webcams – Make sure that your webcam surveillance software allows you to record a view from more than one camera. 4 cameras might be enough for you. In some cases 16 cameras might be attached.

Your webcam surveillance software should meet at least most of these functions. If it doesn’t, then you should search for a better solution.

Security DVR Software

If you’d like to use a DVR along with your spy cameras, there are specially designed security DVR software for you. It’s usually used for multiple (security or spy) cameras. But it can also be used at home or office.

Such security DVR software can be used with DVR cards that install into the computer. Such DVR cards use DVR security software and record all the data into hard drives.

Security DVR software also allows you to control multiple, up to 16 cameras streaming live at the same time. You can also specify the FPS (frames per second) rate and image resolution of your spy cams.

Video Surveillance Cam Software Will Show You Who’s Abusing the Internet or a Computer

Video surveillance cam software that records every screen action, will let you know what kind of information is being typed in; and if you set up the alert function, it will even let you know what happened within seconds.

If you’re planning to get such video surveillance software (to capture employees or kids at home PC), then there are certain features you should look at. Here are some of them, which you should consider before buying such PC surveillance software.

Email Recording

It should record every email sent via computer (both SMTP and POP protocols). Emails are usually saved in a secret location. So even if they delete the email, a copy if it stays in that location. You should be able to search via archives of such emails easily.

Chat or IM Recording

ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger conversations are recorded for later view. With this option, you can now read their chats and detect if there’s something inappropriate going on.

Keystroke Recording

Now this feature is great. With this video surveillance software option, you can record every keystroke pressed. Even CTR+Shift or similar combinations are possible to record with some software applications.

Website Recording

Video surveillance cam software allows you to monitor and track which websites were accessed and how much time was spent on every website. Even files downloaded from the internet are recorded.

Program Recording

You can also record which programs were opened during a particular period of time. In some cases you can find out how actively the program is being used. It’s accomplished by recording mouse and keystroke movements.

Word Recording

Some software allows you to determine the triggering keywords. When you tell the video surveillance software to react to one or another keyword typed in, you can get a notification instantly. If someone uses illegal, adult-related words in a search engine or a P2P program, you’ll know about it.

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