Catch their Every Single Step with Masterfully Designed Covert Hidden Camera

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Now You Can Have a Third Eye in Your House Observing, Spotting and Recording Their Ugly Behavior 24/7!

Security is what everyone of us is seeking. We want to feel protected and safe all the time. But let me reveal you sad truth, this world is not perfect’

Even if you thought that everyone around you are the people you can trust, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually is that way. Maybe your neighbor next door isn’t so religious and saint as you thought. Or maybe the mailman isn’t so honest and fair as you expect him to be. Or what if your co-workers aren’t so friendly behind your back?

You won’t believe it until you start doubting and become suspicious.

You are suspicious aren’t you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And that’s one of the best decision you’ve made. Hey, I wish we would be living in a dream world without war, theft, or lies. But it’s not the way it is’ It’s time to take off those rose-colored glasses and become serious’

And how can you discover the real truth that you couldn’t find out any other way? Yes, that’s right’ by installing a secret hidden camera in place.

Still don’t believe that such spy device as hidden cam could dispel, or maybe confirm, your wildest and craziest doubts?

Just look what a hidden camera could do for you:

  • Reveal if your spouse is cheating on you
  • Uncover your roommate’s dirty little secrets
  • Show you what your kids are doing at home
  • Tell you if your teen is stealing money from you
  • Unfold if your nanny takes good care of your baby
  • Detect intruders in your house or apartment
  • Expose your co-workers’ shameless talks
  • Spot an employee mistreating the property
  • Unveil your partner’s behavior when you’re not there
  • And millions of other things you wouldn’t know any other way’

A hidden camera might be your best friend when it concerns your privacy and safety. If you’re worried about what’s going on there when you’re away, a hidden camera will reveal everything you want to know’

Still Think You Know Your Spouse? Put a Hidden Camera and You’ll See if You’re Right

If you have at least a bit doubt, spy on your spouse. Nothing works better than a hidden camera in this case…

Tell me, do you know exactly what your partner is doing when you’re not at home? Or what about those times when you’re away on a business trip. Are you actually so naive to expect that spouse is reading books, watching TV, or having a good time with friends? Don’t take any chances! Install a hidden camera and spy on your partner. You might be delighted, or you might be frustrated, but even a harsh truth is better than a sweet lie.

You deserve to know what your spouse is doing behind your back’ You’re sharing your life with that person for Christ’s sake’ So find out what your ‘perfect’ partner is doing’ with a help of hidden camera. It’s better to find out all the truth once and for all, instead of worrying all the time if your spouse is cheating on you or not’

Use Your Hidden Camera to
Protect Your Home from Burglars

Or what about using a hidden camera for home security purposes? You can install a spy cam right above the front door, back door, window or any outdoor or indoor environment and spot the intruders in no time.

Burglary is very common problem and no one is safe. Even if you think that you live in a decent and quiet neighborhood, there’s no guarantee that thieves won’t visit your house.

Tell me, do you want to risk your family’s safety? I bet you don’t’ Then why you’re still relying on your door lock, huh?

With a hidden camera, you can monitor your back yard, your facade, your kitchen, sleeping room or a living-room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if you want to go on vacation? Leaving your home for a few weeks, or even few days, without any care is dangerous. But with a hidden camera, you can watch everything what’s going on in your house without being at home… You can monitor your rooms or outdoor via internet connection. That’s right. You can set up a hidden camera system in your house (3 or 4 cameras connected together…) and observe every single corner of your house… If someone will try to get in, you’ll know it with a help of alarm system. You can call police or our neighbors and catch those damn burglars, while being away…

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

But there are many kinds of hidden cameras out there. Do you know, which one you’re looking for? Do you know all the specifications that might be critical in those cases mentioned above? Well, then let me give you some tips before buying, ok’

Essential Hidden Camera Specifications Will Help You Choose the Most Suitable One for You

First of all, let’s find out if you need a wired or wireless hidden camera, ok. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages; it all depends on your needs.

Wired or Wireless

It should be mentioned that wireless cameras are slightly more expensive than wired ones. It’s because you need to use cables (which is not very comfortable) if you decide to purchase a wired hidden camera. Wireless camera on the other hand, can be placed anywhere. It uses a transmitter to send a signal 50 or 2000 feet from the camera.

It should be noted that wireless hidden cameras use frequency or more specifically RF (radio frequency). If you have more devices, like PC networks, cell phones or satellite dishes that use the same frequency as your hidden camera, there might be some problems. You should find out what frequency your other devices at home use, and then purchase a hidden camera with different frequency.

If you want to install a hidden camera near the computer, or TV, then wires might not be so suspicious to someone. However, if you want to install a hidden camera in your car, a toy or your kitchen, then wireless is the best option.

Day or Night View?

If you want your camera to record a view only at daylight, then you’ll easily find some relatively cheap options on the market. But if you’d also like to see what’s going on in complete darkness, then you should think about a hidden camera that records quality view in darker areas.

This is measured by LUX. It’s a measurement of intensity of light. So if you want a hidden cam for night view, then search for options that have a low LUX rating. The closer the LUX number is to 0, the better your hidden camera will perform in darkness.

B&W or Color Hidden Camera?

Obviously, B&W cameras are cheaper. But did you know that in many cases, black-and-white hidden cameras have a better image quality than colored ones? It’s because most B&W cameras have 380 horizontal lines on the screen. Colored ones, have about 330 lines. You can purchase a hidden camera that records at higher resolutions, so the image will be sharper.

If you’re thinking about connecting a wired hidden camera to your old VCR, then you should know that VCR’s are limited to about 240 lines in color and 330 lines in B&W. But if you purchase a special VCR system, then you can expect some higher resolutions in both B&W and color hidden cameras.

Wireless Hidden Camera’s Transmission Range

If you want a wireless hidden camera, then not only you have to think about the frequency it’ll use, but also the transmitting range of that camera.

Some wireless hidden cameras transmit the signal up to 50 feet only, some 300 or even few thousand feet. The industry uses a term ‘Line of Sight’. It means the distance between a hidden camera and the receiver when there are no obstacles, as some say ‘mountain top to mountain top’. However, if there are walls, ceilings or other obstacles, the distance may be reduced by 50% or even 75%. So it all depends on how many obstacles the signal from a hidden camera will face along the way to the transmitter.

Ok. These were the basic characteristics of a hidden camera that you should consider before buying. If you miss them, don’t complain why your hidden camera doesn’t film at night, or why the range is many times less than advertised, ok.

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