KJB Security Rabbler Noise Interference Creator

Rabbler Noise Interference Creator

Here’s Why this Noise Jammer is Better than The Rest:

  • Noise Generated by Rabbler is More Effective than White Noise
  • Tiny, it’s the Size of a Cigarette-Pack and Easily Fits Your Pockets
  • Perfect for Protecting Your Phone Conversations
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A great tool in anti-surveillance space – noise interference creator. This device is proven to be more effective than white noise. It uses a real human conversation that’s turned into rabble to obfuscate the conversation.

Cigarette-pack sized noise generator is small enough to fit in your pocket if you need to carry it with you, for example hotels. Just turn it on and you can talk on the phone without worrying about being eavesdropped on.

KJB Security Rabbler is highly effective against voice recorders or spy listening devices. If you want to prevent devices like radio microphones, GSM/3G listening bugs, body-worn cameras or any type of audio surveillance devices from listening to your conversations, then this gadget may be ideal for you.

Security Rabbler Voice Interference Device Features

Here’s a quick summary of why this device is worth your attention and hard-earned money:

  • It generates a noise creating a barrier to protect phone conversations.
  • The noise it generates is of multiple people speaking, that’s why it’s more effective than just regular white noise device.
  • Made by industry professionals in counter-surveillance.
  • Very effective against listening devices and voice recorders.
  • Small and elegant design. Fits in your pocket, carry it anywhere.
  • Indicators: Power, Volume, Level
  • Controls: Power and Volume
  • Power: 9V
  • Frequency Range: 300 Hz – 3600 Hz
  • Dimensions: 3.375” x 2.125” x 0.625”
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Who is This Voice Generator for?

While 90% of society lives normal lives and can’t even fathom the necessity of such tools, small percentage of people couldn’t live without them.

There are many professions and industries, where keeping secrets, protecting conversations between one another is of paramount importance. Here are just a few areas where such noise rabbler device would fit perfectly.

  • Whistleblowers – Remember the Edward Snowden case? If anyone tries to oust the corruption at the top levels of government or any organizations, they’re likely to face extreme scrutiny. In such cases, protection from surveillance and eavesdropping becomes a part of life.
  • Business Secrets – Many businesses have secrets (trade, commerce, patents, IP’s and so on). At certain departments, it is critical to preserve that information at any cost. Having a noise maker when making calls to talk about delicate matter (when it’s absolutely necessary) is a must.
  • Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors – There are many legal case scenarios where protecting someone’s identity becomes very important task. Using devices like noise makers to generate fake conversations between you and the other party helps to protect victims or clients.
  • Government Officials – Politics is a dirty business. There are plenty of cases where you need to discuss sensitive topics with foreign officials, but you want protection from being spied on by any other world government. Believe it or not, to this day spy business is more alive and well than it’s ever been.
  • Repressed Individuals – Imagine someone living in North Korea who wants to tell stories or discuss certain internal matters. These people would face serious repercussions for such actions. Having noise maker device could help them communicate their messages with less fear of being surveilled by their own government.
  • Privacy Oriented – Frankly, anyone who is interested in more privacy would benefit from a tool like KJB Security Rabbler Noise Interference Creator. We like in the age where government interference in personal life is at all-time high. If you’re worried about US government spying on you (and you should), having a tool like this in your arsenal is not a stupid idea.
KJB Security Rabbler

Where to Buy Rabbler Noise Generator?

Grab this industry leading anti-surveillance noise generating device from the official dealer below:

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P.S. If you feel worried about your personal life and feel you might be spied on, conversations listened to by a 3rd-party, then get this device. You won’t regret it.