Spy & Security Gadgets:

KJB Security Rabbler Noise Interference Creator

Rabbler Noise Generator Device
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HD 4K Wifi Smoke Detector Spy Camera with Dual-Lens Night Vision and Audio

Smoke Detector Spy Camera with Dual-Lens Night Vision and Audio
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Taser® X2 Stun Gun with Double Lasers

Taser® X2 Stun Gun with Double Lasers
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Mini SpyWfi™ DIY Spy Camera with Audio (1.8″x1.7″x0.7″ in Size)

Spy Camera, Mini, DIY Wifi
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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Vedosoft and its products. We are dedicated to helping you to become safer and more secure in today’s world by providing the newest and most cutting edge spy technology available today.

We work with some of the finest companies in the industry. Leading experts in spy equipment, night vision technology and GPS tracking devices are always updating their product lines. We bring you the newest and most affordable spy cameras and other gadgets all in one place.

Our products include:

  • Spy Cameras (nanny surveillance, micro cameras, wireless webcams, security cameras…)
  • GPS Tracking Devices (real time and passive, for vehicle surveillance and personal use)
  • Listening Devices (from voice recorders, to bugs, to professional sound amplifiers)
  • Body Spy Equipment (such as button cameras, pen cameras, spy glasses)
  • Counter-Surveillance Devices (camera, bug, GPS detectors)

We feel that every individual has the right for safety and privacy. That’s why we provide you with the best devices to help protect your family and yourself. If you’d like to order some of the products on our website, don’t hesitate to browse around and order directly from our approved partner sites.