Zap Cane for Self Defense

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If you use a walking cane, think about replacing your old one. The uniquely designed stun taser known as the Zap Cane packs a serious punch. The million-volt zapper inside this cane is perfect for anyone who wants the full functionality of a walking cane that is also a self-defense weapon.

Muggers are known to target those weaker than themselves. Now you can be armed with a cane that has a simple safety switch and trigger button to deliver a severe shock to an attacker. The Ni-MH batteries are completely rechargeable. The cane also extends from 26 to 32 inches to match the particular height needed for you.

The cane kit features:

  • Zapper Self-Defense Stun Cane
  • AC Wall Charger
  • Extra Rubber Nub
  • Carrying Case

Never feel helpless again. Flip the switch, hit a trigger, and watch your foe fall while police is called. If your attacker tries to run away, taze them again until law enforcement arrives to assist you. The unlucky mugger will learn the lesson.

(Before purchasing the Zap Cane, please check with your local laws. Certain states do not allow the use of concealed taser products.)