World’s Smallest GPS Tracker (3” in Size)

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Smallest GPS TrackerYou have a real treat here. This is seriously one of the smallest GPS trackers I’ve seen. What’s cool about it? It tracks in real time. You have all the options of other GPS tracking devices, except this one costs less and is so small you could fit it almost anywhere.

I’ve just watched yesterday the “127 hours” movie by Danny Boyle. It talks about a real story of a man trapped in a canyon gap where he had to go through incredible measures to survive. And I was thinking to myself, if only he had a GPS tracker with him. Whenever you go to any longer trip, always carry a GPS tracker with you where your family members or anyone you trust can access data via internet. This one even has a instant emergency button so you can call for help anytime.

This way you can be sure they’ll see your last location and you’ll receive help. GPS devices save lives, literally. So keep this in mind the next time you’ll go camping or doing anything else.

And this is a perfect opportunity to get a GPS tracking system if you have never used one. This is 3” tracker so you can carry it in your pocket. Plus, compared to other real-time GPS trackers, this one is really cheap. So why not go ahead and invest in a device that can be crucial one day.

It allows up to 5 days of battery power one charged. This is plenty for longer trips to remote areas such wild forests, mountains, national parks.

With real-time option, anyone can access the live GPS map though internet. It’s really easy to use. Or, let’s say you would want to track your kids. Well, there’s a neat little option called “geofence”.

What geofence does, it allows you to preset a geographic area for your GPS device. It can be your neighborhood and a city wide territory. Now once the person carrying GPS device leaves a preset geo-location, you get instant SMS text and email alerts. Isn’t that great? You know exactly where your kids hang out, where they drive and if they go further than their friend’s house, you get alert. Knowing where your children/teens are at any time simply gives you piece of mind.

Do you want this world’s smallest GPS tracker? Thought so 🙂

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Find more GPS trackers by clicking here.)