Wireless Spy Cameras

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A wireless spy camera is any type of spy tool that uses hidden cameras and relays the information wirelessly back to a computer, a DVR, or even a smart phone. The purpose of having a system of Wi-Fi cameras is to provide security, whether it’s personal protection, business protection, or both.

Perhaps you are a congressman and obviously people are upset with Congress at this point in time. Perhaps your office is bugged or wiretapped. Others may be looking to obtain dirty information on you.

Maybe your children are troublemakers and you need a camera to see if they are playing together nicely in their room or fighting with each other. Maybe you suspect your spouse of cheating, and you want to catch them in the act with a hidden camera…

When you make the wise decision of investing in a wireless spy camera or perhaps a system of cameras, you can easily monitor them from a remote location, such as your computer. Depending on the type of cameras you purchase, you can go with extremely high-tech hidden cameras that are unlikely to be found with a wire and bug detector or go with a standard wireless CCTV that is used for regular indoor/outdoor surveillance. Either way, you now have visual and audio protection from your wireless system.

You may want to consider purchasing a DVR camera system. With a DVR, you can control a system of cameras, while recording in real-time from a remote location. The DVR will also store all video and audio into itself for later playback.

If you are interested in fitting cameras in the most remote and hidden places you can think of, then you may want to go with wireless cameras that are approximately one eighth of an inch wide. These extremely tiny cameras can be hidden almost anywhere, whether at home, inside the office, or on the border of a country we are at war with. These small cameras pack quite a punch and as Wi-Fi cams flawlessly transmit a live data feed to your computer or DVR. Many of these cameras can also be controlled via a computer or DVR with the options to pan, zoom, and tilt.

The PZT option is something you must decide on when setting up a wireless camera system. If you want to be able to maneuver the camera, then it is vital you buy one with PTZ options. You are going to pay more for PTZ, but the upside is you can control the camera and watch your live feed from your computer and internet being miles away.

Many wireless spy cameras are often placed in cars, along with a GPS tracker. The use of a hidden spy camera in this situation is to monitor the location of a car at all times with video included. Cheating spouses, wild-driving teenagers, and even the identification of a car thief are just a few of the reasons you may want to invest into a spy camera in your car. The options are really limitless. If you do a Google search for spy cameras, you will have an entire mall of spy gear at your disposal.