Wireless Receiver

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We’ve briefly covered what a wireless transmitter is and how it works before. Now let’s discuss another component of a spy package – the receiver. Basically these 2 always work in conjunction. A spy camera without a receiver is pointless as it’s recording to nowhere. So what is a receiver then?

Wireless receiver (as you probably guessed it) receives transmitted wireless signal and is able to decode it into understandable data such as video or audio. Now there are several types of wireless receivers.

One type is a simple box with antenna that doesn’t suggest anything special. But it works by allowing you to connect it to your TV set and watch video in real time, or connect it to a computer or portable DVR for recording the signal.

Another type you can find online is wireless receivers installed in DVR’s. These are portable and come along with small LCD screens. You can watch and record the video/audio signals at the same time without any additional equipment like computers, VCR’s, other DVR’s. You can choose from quite a few transmitter/receiver packages from online vendors.