Wireless Inspection Camera

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Have you played Splinter Cell? Well, I’m a game fan and similar stuff I remember putting under the bedroom doors of some Russian mafia boss to see if anyone’s in the room. Well, now you can move that experience to reality. Not exactly, but you’ll see what I mean.


Mini wireless inspection camera. With this tiny camera you can sneak under the doors, look around corners, see through cracks and so on. Smaller than AAA battery this mini inspection camera comes very useful. And I’m not just talking about spying or surveillance. The main purpose for these cameras is what the name suggests, inspecting buildings.

What Does This Inspection Camera Do?

It’s a snake micro camera, which means you can bend it any way you want and it will fix and hold a position. This is very useful when looking into hard to reach places like behind the ridge, under the wardrobe or vents. This camera needs a DVR recorder. You can choose from many handheld DVR recorders we’ve talked about in this blog.

You don’t need to call home inspectors when you have this mini inspector camera with you. Stick it where you want and record all the details. If you’re buying a business, like a restaurant especially, you wouldn’t want to end up buying one of those shown on “Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” would you? So with this micro cam you can inspect every bloody detail of the place.

Firemen, life rescue teams use these micro cameras to check or bodies under wreckages. To see through cracks in concrete whether there’s anyone alive. Police, law enforcement use these to check under doors before entering the room. Special forces use these to check for hostages in a room before lash bombing the hostiles. This is one of the coolest gadgets you will see.

It’s a nice small wireless inspection camera that you can use for home buying, other professional or strictly amateur activities. Just keep in mind that it comes without a DVR or screen, so you need an additional DVR to record the footage or live view it.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for anti-surveillance equipment.)