Wire Tap Detector

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Perfect for Special Agents

Protection from “enemy” spying is something many special agents in high levels of law enforcement must keep at bay. The life of an FBI or CIA agent is dangerous and requires them to be ready and alert 24 hours a day.

A special agent will always be prepared with the Down Line Wire Tap Detector to scan their immediate premises, their home, or their office for: any hidden wiretapping, bug tracking devices, GPS bug devices, and telephone connections. The device also checks telephone lines for hidden bypass switches used to remotely monitor landline phones.

Detection Specifications:

The Down Line Wire Tap Detector can detect devices with a resistance of 61 ohms or more. It also detects parallel devices with a resistance of 65 megohms or less.

With the Down Line Detector you will never have to wonder if you are being double-crossed or spied on in a high level security work area.