Why Choose DVR Spy Cameras for Your Personal Home Surveillance Needs?

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What Are DVR Spy Cams All About?

DVR spy cameras or digital video recorders are devices that give you complete freedom when it comes to surveillance. DVR lets you connect receiver and get signal ‘wirelessly’ or you can carry one in your pocket to use with body worn cameras. A DVR camera comes with a hard drive to record the video for later playback. The amount of recording time depends on the size of the hard disk you choose.

Remember, potential intruders have a good chance of bypassing your security if you are using only dummy cams, or you have cameras placed in obvious places. A little bit of “spy knowledge” goes a long way here.

Best Use for DVR Spy Cameras

Hidden DVR camera is perfect for detecting cheating spouse or monitoring your babysitter. They are completely covert and unsuspicious to the naked eye.

  • They hide inside other objects
  • They don’t have wires
  • Don’t require PC for recording
  • Can be moved anywhere, anytime

If your goal is to monitor without using wires or external devices, then a DVR spy camera is what you need. These cameras are not only good for home security, but great for business surveillance. Take a small clock camera, put it on your office desk and let it record what’s going on around. Is your trusted employee stealing cash from the register? Are your clients taking merchandise that belongs to you? You can capture all that in silent and professional way.

Or how about DVR’s you can carry with you? Literally inside your pocket I mean!
Mini DVR spy cameras are what many people choose for their needs. And not necessarily spying or surveillance. Sports activities and simply for fun.

Imagine having a wearable spy camera (mounted inside the hat, spy glasses, pens or soda cans) that records high quality video straight to the DVR you carry in your pocket. Some of those allow up to several hours of constant recording. Nice choice for PI’s. Completely undetectable. Works with batteries. These portable DVR spy cameras are amazing for many uses.

Where to Find DVR Cameras?

Just do a Google search and you can find dozens upon dozens of websites selling DVR’s. From cheap Chinese manufactured models to expensive high-end DVR systems. It can be hard to pick the right one especially when there are so many of them. Below you can access our partner site and choose from a variety of high-resolution and feature rich DVR systems. These are not some cheap, break-in-2-weeks production. These spy cameras are high quality. You’ll notice that when you are able to inspect them yourself.

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