Why Cheap Spy Cameras May Not Be The Wisest Choice when it Comes to Pro Surveillance?

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Cheap Spy Cameras and Wireless Signal Issues

Take a quick analysis of your current security system. You may be using cheap spy cameras to protect your property. Using a cheap security system can lead to many problems. Maybe you have a set of wireless cameras, and you settled on the $100 cameras when making your decision, rather than following site and review recommendations for those pricier $200 cameras.

One of the issues you might run into is a loss of a wireless signal. If your remote unit to monitor your cameras is your computer, then you can understand this frustration when it says “no camera signal”. Not only is this annoying when doing a security scan, but then you have to go work on the camera. The camera might have issues with the location, and produce a poor signal back to the computer. This would require you to remove the camera to find a new spot, even though you needed the camera at the previous location.

You get what you pay for, and this goes for cheap wireless spy cameras. Most of the time, when using a wireless camera system it is for the purpose of the cameras to be hidden from view. Having to move cameras around due to a poor signal is not helping your cause.

Poor Video Quality

It’s quite possible that you bought decent cameras, except for one problem; they do not show you a high-resolution video for up to 15 feet in the dark as claimed. Many spy cameras have issues with video quality. There might be a chance the camera takes good still pictures, but has video of movement quality diminish quickly. Some cameras may have audio problems associated with video issues.

There is nothing you can do to increase the video quality of your cheap hidden cameras. The resolution is set, and will only appear as clear as programmed to view on a computer monitor. The lighting in the camera cannot be updated. Its flash technology is set. If you have the problem of poor video, then invest in a better model.

Camera Durability

Suppose you carry a spy camera with you at all times. If you have a cheap camera model, then there is a good chance that if you drop it, it will shatter into pieces. A spy camera is only good if it continues to record. Investing in a more expensive model of mini cameras that are durable enough to drop on concrete and keep on ticking.
If your camera is only as durable as a cheap children’s toy, then you may want to consider a better model. Better models are made of more durable materials. When checking specifications of a certain camera, pay attention to its design and what material it is made of.

If you buy cheap models of spy cameras, then you are going to get what you pay for. Cheap cams can to the trick, but if you are serious about security, there is no reason not to invest a little more money in a quality product. The point of the camera is to see what is going on around you. So why spend money on something that is poorly made?