What is Weatherproof Camera?

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You’ll notice the word weatherproof used quite often in security/spy camera descriptions. What does it mean? Weather-Proof means resistant to weather/environmental conditions. Security CCTV cameras are designed to be weatherproof. The purpose is usually to monitor outside the building. This means a camera is exposed to extreme weather conditions. And if “weather-proof” is mentioned, it means it can withstand the harsh environment.

If you’re planning to use spy cameras outdoors in extremely cold weather, in winter, make sure your camera can hold the extremely low temperatures. The same goes for hot weather.

When manufacturers put the weatherproof sign on a camera, they usually refer to rain as the main factor. Rain drops won’t damage such camera. Even if strong wind blows water drops into smallest corners of the camera, it won’t have an effect, because the camera is designed to be resistant to such details.

Some people mistaken weatherproof with waterproof. I hope you won’t, because it will probably damage your camera for good. Waterproof means to be used under water and you should not try to film with a “weatherproof” camera under water!