What is SMS Spy Software and How it Works?

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SMS spy software is a relatively new development in the high tech spy world of gadgets and programs. As long as you are the owner of the cell phone, you can monitor your employees with company phones. The same goes for a family carrying around multiple cell phones.  With SMS software, you can spy on more than just text messages, but you can also keep a record of phone calls with time, sites browsed on the internet, and see the entire phonebook on someone else’s mobile phone.

With mobile phone spying software, you pay a small monthly fee that allows you to access any type of phone records in your cell phone cache. Results are generally monitored in real-time straight to your computer. You can watch the calls, the times, and read all the text messages sent by employees or family, so long as you are the one paying the bill. With text message software you have the ability to keep a complete check on anyone you are suspicious of, whether it’s an employee, spouse, or one of your children.

Mobile Spy allows you to quickly and efficiently monitor up to three phones per purchased license. You will receive real-time, instant feedback. Every SMS message is monitored and then includes: the number of the sender, the number of the receiver, the date and time, and of course the SMS message that is sent. You can also log the sender, receiver, the date and time, and call direction of any phone calls that have been made. You also have the option of viewing phone internet use and history, even if it is deleted.

Login to any PC with the Mobile Spy software installed and instantly monitor phones. If you own a large company you may need to purchase more licenses to monitor more phones. The security of a company is extremely important. Having a handle on employees when you are not present is part of your job as a manager. With cell phone and SMS spy software you will always be at the forefront of a user’s cell phone actions. Find out if your employees are playing hooky or playing for the company team.

Not only is monitoring employees the only task for phone spy software, but your family as well. It’s horrible to think about, but if you suspect your spouse may be having an affair or at least flirting around, then Mobile Spy software is a lifesaver for your marriage. You can read any cheating-related SMS texts from her cell phone that she may have typed or received. Now if your husband says he is on a business trip, you can monitor each and every text message he sends as you use your hand SMS spy software.

Lastly, think of the children. Did you tell your son or daughter what their limit on texts and calls were? Now you can monitor every move the phone makes. You can find out if your teenager is sneaking out of the house, or perhaps sending lewd messages or pictures to others. Such actions must be stopped immediately, and as the owner of SMS spy software, you can keep a lid on everything at all times.