Want the Best Price Color Bullet Camera?

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Use Bullet Cameras to Catch All the Action – Unseen!

What can be better than getting a lousy burglar being caught and recorded on a video? Well, in such situations, a bullet camera comes to the rescue. It has been named this way owing to its uncanny resemblance to a bullet cartridge. Color bullet cameras are the most popular amongst surveillance cameras for more reasons than one:

Compact Size

This enables easy installation on walls or the ceiling. Certain color bullet cameras also come with a wireless functionality making them even more versatile and easy to install and use.

Bullet Camera Versatility

  • Color bullet cameras come with attachments that make it weatherproof. A protective casing ensures that moisture is kept out and enables a safe installation outdoors too.
  • Infrared bullet cameras can capture images up to 20 feet radius around it in pitch darkness.
  • Waterproof functionality ensures that it can resist pressures up to 100 feet below the water surface. Such cameras often come with an infrared functionality as well which allows image capture even in the absence of light.
  • Automatic “Day/Night” option to switch between normal and infrared modes automatically by sensing the level of light available
  • Plug and Play Ready – can be connected to a TV, VCR or wireless transmitter to relay images and motion pictures…

Image Quality and Resolution

Most bullet cameras try to incorporate the widest angle possible without compromising on the image quality. In order to enable this, a 70 degree angle of view is usually made use of. This coupled with a good quality yet compact lens ensures this is attained with minimum distortion of the picture. For instance, a fixed 4mm lens allows you to even see facial features clearly up to over 40 feet. In case the infrared option is available, it usually enables clear black and white images in the absence of any external lighting. Certain powerful lenses even capture images within a radius of up to 70 feet from itself.

Some devices efficiently capture color images; this is best suited for daytime lighting and hence color bullet cameras are usually a lot more in demand than their black and white counterparts. However, for night viewing using an infrared camera, it is best to opt for those yielding black and white images for enhanced clarity. Resolution levels for these cameras range between 350 TV lines to over 400 or 420 lines. It’s needless to say that those with higher resolutions produce clearer images and hence, while choosing the right camera this is an important feature to be considered.

Best Price Color Bullet Camera?

Several options are available for those looking to purchase bullet cameras either over the internet or otherwise. For a camera of reasonably good quality, best prices of color bullet cameras start from a little over $200 and above. Careful analysis of the exact requirement is essential so that you can choose the camera possessing all the necessary characteristics to produce best results, and there by ensure that your investment really takes care of the premises you intend to secure using these surveillance systems.