Video Surveillance Cam Software

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Also, Programming Webcam Surveillance
Software – is it Really Possible?

Surveillance cam software has made video surveillance as easy as child’s play in today’s world. These video surveillance camera programs provide a complete software solution for office or home security, as well as remote video surveillance or even broadcasting. Video surveillance cam software works by integrating with existing CCTV components including multiplexers, cameras and VCRs and turns a closed environment into an open one, which is capable of digital recording, and providing remote access and control of the premises under surveillance using these security cameras.

Security camera control software is intelligent in the sense that it can monitor the secured premises round the clock, capture motion events using a security cam, and save them into compressed video clips. It further includes functionalities like capturing audio and triggering various alerts on events like FTP upload or else, accessing email or phone. It also comes with the very useful camera image broadcasting capability, which can publish your surveillance camera on a remote website or the service provider’s embedded web server.

These video surveillance cam software programs can run in stealth mode, can also be scheduled to run at a particular time at regular intervals. Certain security camera control software can also come with an additional tool that can connect to the service provider’s web server via a telephone line using a modem or the internet using TCP/IP technology which enables you to conduct remote video surveillance from anywhere in the world by real time video or audio streaming.

It is also possible to authorize multiple users to monitor cameras located at multiple sites, as well as control ‘PTZ’ or the “Pan, Tilt and Zoom” operations on cameras in a real time environment. Or else configure video stream access rights and set it for either: public, shared or private viewing and enable personal data assistant or PDA web access.

Webcam Surveillance Software

Similar functionalities are available for users of webcams looking to use these for surveillance purposes which also come with a broadcasting enabled application; webcam surveillance software can be used to secure home and surrounding premises. In keeping with the varying requirements of users, many of these come with customizable options which can provide best results by programming webcam surveillance software applications to meet specific criteria.

These customizable features usually include event notification via pager, email and FAX (events such as file upload or download, use of phone or email etc. can be chosen or specified by the user), pre-event recording as per set schedule, decide on the cut off length for video clips, search criteria to browse through archives etc., which are also protected with a secure and password-protected user login.

The other interesting aspect about these programs is the ease with which one can download webcam surveillance software. Several options including free trial download offers as well as prices ranging from a very affordable $40 to $600 and above for relatively high end applications are available for users to choose from.

Video surveillance cam software is also reasonably simple to use and can be operated on large LCD touch-screen using peripherals like a mouse or joystick for various high end operations carried out simultaneously.