Toys for Personal Protection?

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Today I’d like to talk about an area that’s close to spy equipment. Personal security and self-protection. It’s good to find out what others are up to by implementing spy cameras. But what if you’re in a situation when you need to act quickly and defend yourself or your loved ones? It’s especially true for those working in law enforcement and security industries. You never know what’s going to happen next, so you better be prepared. We’re not selling guns here lol. If you want that, check elsewhere. But what I’d like to introduce you to is simple, cost-efficient and very effective protection devices. For women these are especially good, because sometimes that’s the only way you can protect yourself from a robber or a pervert.

Pepper Spray

Nothing new here. We’ve all known pepper spray for decades. And the formula still works. Strong pepper sprayed into the eyes causes enormous burning sensation. Your attacker will stop, drop and won’t be able to see anything. It’s best to use it at a distance 6 to 12 feet. In close contact an attacker may grab and hold you even with closed eyes. So better have a distance.

It’s also very useful against dogs. What works for people, usually works for animals too 🙂 In some law enforcement situations, bandits have vicious dogs with them. Spraying into the eyes will result in quick and painless defeat.

Pepper spray has been approved in all the states, so no worries here.

Stun Guns

Always handy. In some situations even better than spray. Combine the two and you’re unstoppable 🙂 Just don’t go around the city like a superhero attacking every villain in a row. Stun guns give small and non-harmful impulses of electricity to the body. Once hit, muscles weaken and the object can’t move. It’s one of the most favorite easy to get weapons women use for protection. And it works very well too.

Just keep in mind that stun guns are not sold everywhere. Some states do not allow that so you should check your law.

See a new stun-gun disguised as a simple cell phone. This is pretty cool. Imagine a burglar asking you to give him all your money and a cell phone. Tadaaa, you shock the bastard and call for help. Easy, quick and painless. Well, not painless for the attacker heh.


Just like stun guns these are not available in all the States. Check to be sure. But tasers are one of the best tools there are for protection. You basically fire an electric wire into the body from a distance and neutralize the threat immediately. If you’re unsure how tasers work, take a look at this fun video on Youtube and you’ll see.

Now you can get tasers that don’t look like guns at all and have high fire range of up to 15 feet. Integrated lasers let you aim better. Electric charge can penetrate 2″ through clothing so even if you’re shooting someone with a jacket, it will work. In winter, when people wear thick clothes, just try to shoot at legs. This will knock down the criminal very quickly and give you plenty of time to escape.

To wrap it all up, here you have 3 main choices for personal protection when you’re mobile. Choose which one you prefer the most and get one of these. You can never be too safe especially in these times when economy is down and crime levels rise up. Pick the device that’s closer to you personally and fits you. Be sure to lookup the local state laws regarding these things. Pepper spray as mentioned before is ok all over US, but the rest of these toys have restrictions.