The Amazing Spy Pen

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Today’s technology allows us to spy on anyone without their knowledge, just like government agencies sometimes like to spy on us, average citizens. Legalities and violation privacies aside, such technological breakthrough in gadgetry has enabled us to advance very quickly. From wireless 1/8 inch hidden camera cable, to GPS tracker you can put inside your pocket, to the nifty recording spy pen. Such pen allows you to record anything at any time without anyone’s knowledge. Just click, aim, and you are recording.

Reasons You Need a Recording Pen

Maybe you are not Maxwell Smart, nor are you a serious CIA agent infiltrating an enemy base for secret intelligence, but you can still become a spy for your own purposes. What exactly does an ordinary person need a hidden pen camera for anyway? For some it may seem like a fun little gadget to use on unsuspecting people for your goofy Youtube video channel, for others there are real-world reasons to carry the pen with you. Let’s quickly cover some of those…

Safety Reasons to Have a Recording Pen

  • Perhaps you feel your rights have been violated, whether it is at your home, the office, or by law enforcement.
  • You possibly suspect that your spouse may be cheating, so you place the pen in their car to see what is happening and whom is he/she meeting.
  • At work, you are sexually and/or verbally harassed by your boss and you want undeniable proof.
  • Set the pen up to see if someone has been vandalizing your property.
  • Suspicious behavior by friends, spouse, or co-workers that you feel warrant monitoring.
  • Law enforcement could certainly benefit from hidden pen recorders, although a warrant would be legally necessary.
  • There are negotiations between lawyers and clients, and you think something shady is happening. And so on and so forth…

Now all these situations are relatively negative and require you obtain some sort of evidence that someone is harming you. There are many “non-spy”, non-covert uses for the pen as well. Let’s take a look at some of those:

Other Uses for a Spy Pen

  • You are having a meeting at work. While you are taking notes with a regular pen, your recording pen is being used for later playback for work-related duties.
  • A college student who wants to record a classroom session can aim the pen at their professor and later playback the class session. Going further, suppose you are sick and cannot go to class. You give the pen to a friend and have them record the lecture for you so you do not miss any notes!
  • Journalists can obviously make great use of a small camera while having a conversation with a corrupt politician or shady local businessman.
  • Recording car road trips may be fun for the whole family. Of course, it won’t provide you with the quality of a real digital camera, but you can record pretty decent videos.
  • Basically anything you might need a camera for but don’t want to carry one around or you don’t want people to know you are taking pictures, such as symphony or concert.

What Recording Pen Should You Buy

The Spy Hidden Camera Pen is an amazing piece of hardware that allows you to record video with a simple click of a button. The pen is compact and discreet with 75 minutes of battery life. It connects directly to your PC through a USB port to charge up. The pen is a great choice for having a body worn hidden camera with you at all times, so you are ready for any situation that needs video. Just click and record.