Taser® Bolt 2 Unique Design Stun Gun with 4 Reload Cartridges

Should You Buy This Taser Stun Gun or Give it a Pass? Let’s Find Out.

Taser Bolt 2

Here’s Why Taser Bolt 2 is a Great Choice for Self Defense

  • Bolt 2 cartridges shoot barbed probes up to 15 feet and shocks the target for 30 seconds.
  • Uses phone GPS to locate you and send law-enforcement your way as soon as the stun gun is fired.
  • Has a 1-year warranty and lifetime replacement guarantee if lost during self-defense situation.
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In previous article, we’ve reviewed Taser X2 double laser stun gun, which is more powerful and more fit for law enforcement.

This time, we take a look at a more elegant design Taser stun gun. Frankly, this model hardly looks like a gun, so may be less hassle to go through security checkups if necessary.

How to Taser® Bolt Works?

Man Holding Taser Gun

The shock cartridges fire barbed probes at a distance of up to 15 feet. When it hits the attacker, it immobilizes them for 30 seconds. That’s enough time to leave the taser on the ground and escape the situation and call for help.

The reason you should leave the unit on the ground is that electric voltage is being delivered by the Bolt unit itself and isn’t detachable from the fired probes. So, you just leave it on the ground to continue shocking the attacker for half a minute or so, giving you time to flee. Here’s the good news.

The company behind Taser Bolt guarantees free replacement of this device if lost during a self-defense situation provided you file a police report.

It works as contact gun without cartridges. You could give a shock to an attacker at contact, however it’s more dangerous and not recommended. Safe shooting of cartridge probes from a distance is the proper way to protect yourself in a threatening situation.

Bolt Stun Gun Features

Taser Bolt 2 has a safety cap, so you wouldn’t fire it accidentally. When you activate the unit, it lights up a LED light and targeting laser to help you shoot more accurately.

Taser® Bolt Phone App

You can connect your stun device to your smartphone by downloading an official app from the app store. Why do you need a phone app?

You see, when the unit is fired, Axon (company behind Taser) will send one of their agents to your location. It acts as an SOS signal when you shoot the taser.

Did You Say Confetti?

Taser Confetti

What’s also funny is that this Taser Bolt 2 unit shoots up a bunch of confetti on the attacker along with electric shock (for extra punishment I guess). These confetti stick to the attacker. When he/she runs away, police will have easier time identifying the suspect that’s covered in a bunch of stickers. Quite ingenious!

Battery Power

This stun gun is powered by 2 batteries (CR123A type). These will last you up to 1 year. Can be easily replaced when needed. You’ll find these type of batteries in most stores across the country.

Overall, Taser Bolt 2 is a great and lightweight unit. It only weighs 8.4 oz, and is very easy to carry. This would be an ideal gift for a daughter to keep her safe, an elderly person, or anyone really who lives in a dangerous neighborhood or needs to cross the streets in the dark hours.

Textured grip and polymer body make this unit a great hand-held protection device. It sticks to your hand and isn’t afraid of fall damage up to 4 feet.

Let’s Recap Why Taser Bolt 2 is Worth It?

  • Non-lethal stun gun with sleek design that won’t be confused for a firearm.
  • Cartridges shoot barbed probes up to 15 feet in distance.
  • Electroshocks the targets for 30 seconds.
  • Makes a target freeze, drop to the ground, have muscle convulsions.
  • Works as a contact stun gun without the cartridges.
  • Includes a cap for safety (to avoid accidental discharging).
  • Triger button lights up when fire safety is off.
  • 210 lumen LED light and red laser turn on when device is activated.
  • Wireless connection to your phone app for extra help.
  • App uses GPS location to find out your location to provide help.
  • Shoots 20-30 tiny confetti sticky (Anti-Felon ID tags).
  • Includes a holster made of Nylon with metal clip.
  • Comes with 4 reloadable replacement cartridges as well.
  • Weighs only 8.4 oz and is 6.5″ long
  • Made with High-impact polymer with textured grip.
  • 1-year warranty with lifetime replacement guarantee if used and lost during a self defense situation (police report needs to be provided for that).

Due to some states and regulations, this unit may require extra concealed carry permits and may be prohibited in some states. Check for details on the product page by clicking a link below.

Taser® Bolt 2 – The Verdict

It’s definitely a solid unit from a reputable brand. You can’t go too wrong with it. It has great features, an elegant design. Ideal for carrying in a purse or backpack.

Price wise, it’s about 3 times cheaper than the more advanced X2 model. For average consumer, this stun gun is definitely a good solution in many self-defense situations. Given that it comes with an app and extra support from their agents, this unit is worth the price.

So, final verdict – Yes. If you’re looking for a gift for your daughter, elderly uncle, or anyone you can think of that would benefit from this nicely designed stun-gun, check it out, you won’t regret it.

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