Spying Calculator – Really?

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Yeah, even calculators can spy. This model features quality micro camera that captures 640×480 30 fps resolution video. It stores up to 4Gb of video data. Records for 2 hours with a single charge. USB to transfer data without a hassle.

Spy  Calculator Features:

  • Takes both video and still images
  • Looks and functions just like a normal calculator
  • Solar power for the calculator and internal Li-Ion battery for the camera means no need to buy batteries
  • Simple one button operation

Who can use this calculator to full advantage? Well, accountants or anyone working in the office environment might find it extremely useful. If you need to shoot a colleague abusing office equipment or stealing from the company, you can just put the calculator nearby and a mini camera on the right side will record the activity.

Business people carry calculators with them all the time to make calculations. Taking out one of these in the public area and recording a suspect may not be such a bad idea. You can take full length videos or pictures at much higher resolution.