Spyfinder – Hidden Camera Finder

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Consider the SpyFinder Personal Camera Finder and Bug Detector for detecting tracking bugs that may be watching or listening in on you. This is the only detector that can detect cameras that are not transmitting an RF frequency to detect. Wireless or wired cameras are found by scanning the viewing port of a hidden camera.

The SpyFinder is an invaluable tool to have to keep your home safe from hidden cameras, spies, and voyeurs.

The SpyFinder receives a strong signal whenever the light from a video camera is spotted resulting in strong illumination. This is what makes the SpyFinder so unique. It does not rely on RF frequencies, enabling it to find cameras that are turned off, all with its patented illumination technology.

While the SpyFinder cannot find RF frequency wiretaps, it is the top choice for finding hidden cameras. Adding a simple RF detector will complete the setup you need to track down any bugging device in your vicinity.