Spy Watch DVR (4Gb Memory)

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Once again it’s time for special James Bond type of spy gadgets that are just plain cool. Today I’d like to review a DVR spy watch with motion-activated recording option.

Hidden camera watch is more covert than probably any other spy camera on a body. Everyone wars a watch and it’s no surprise if you go to a meeting with one. Moreover, it doesn’t just look like a watch. It acts like one too. This DVR watch can record good resolution video and audio.

Now you can secretly record any conversation without them knowing it. You’re 100% safe, cause no one will ever suspect your watch is a recording spy camera.

You can go to a beach and not even take it off. It’s completely waterproof. Swimming, showering or hard rain can’t affect it. It’s really useful if there are situations when you are in contact with water and need to record critical video/audio.


  • Motion activated recording mode saves memory and battery life
  • With everything built into the watch there is nothing extra to carry or hide
  • Records in 640 x 480 resolution AVI video from a tiny pinhole camera
  • The spy watch DVR uses a 1.3 MP camera to capture JPG photos
  • Built-in microphone records clear audio files
  • Charges from any computer with a USB port or electrical outlet
  • The spy watch DVR comes with 4 Gb of memory
  • All of the footage is marked with a time / date stamp for easily locating specific footage
  • Each battery charge provides for two hours of recording
  • Fully functional watch doesn’t give people any reason to be suspicious
  • Waterproof design stands up to water and harsh weather

Recorded video can be easily transferred to your PC via USB cables provided. It’s convenient and very high-tech. Dive into the spy world with this DVR spy wrist-watch that records with a press of a button.