Spy Micro Camera

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Looking for a quality mini spy camera model for your personal surveillance needs? Maybe this next featured device is exactly what you need. Read on…

You have lots of friends and neighbors trampling your front door almost every day. You start noticing that some things start missing. $12 dollars one day, measly wrist watch the next day, cell phone the other. Someone is definitely scrounging your home, but you can’t out everyone.

What do you do?

Get yourself one of these models I’m about to present to you and get the bastard on camera, with evidence. Thanx to the amazing technologies of today you can easily solve your problems by submerging into the spy world and using all the “magical” tools available at your disposal.

What you see in the picture is a micro spy camera with a snake-type wire that you can bend how you want to get the best angle and shot. Capture high-quality video by attaching this to a DVR and placing it where you want. What’s even better, you can make yourself a portable spy camera, by getting a small handheld DVR with decent storage. All you have to do is connect the camera and you’ll be able to record everything you go with wireless wearable micro spy camera. It’s small and light, which many other models are lacking. So you get one of the best micro cameras around. Neat stuff.

You can use this camera to spy on your nanny, record children fooling around, protect your home, in office, filming shady salesmen or anything you can think of. Enjoy this model so far? Why not taking a closer look and seeing if this is right for you.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for more mini spy cameras.)