Spy Listening Device

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You’ve heard about listening devices before. Covert audio surveillance equipment that allows you to eavesdrop on clueless suspects. That’s something we all wanted to have and use at least a once in our lives. Well, today we’re going to dig a little deeper and take a look at some of the more sophisticated spy listening devices in the industry used to spy on phone conversations.

Generally, listening devices come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to perform different functions. Handheld parabolic antennas for distant listening outdoors, micro chips installed in telephones to record conversations, simple bugs concealed in the room to give out all the details or wall microphones to listen in on what conversations are taking place in another room. All these devices have their place and time.

One of the easiest and probably most convenient audio surveillance tools is cell phone spy listening device. Back in the old days, criminal world members like mafia were meeting in a specific location to discuss important issues. With modern technologies, folks use cell phones for everything. Saves time, money; and is way easier.

Earlier, if you wanted to track a cell phone, you had to install microchips to listen to conversations and track the next move of your target. Nowadays, such old school techniques are vanishing in minutes. You don’t need to take the mobile apart & collect it back again just to eavesdrop on someone. You can install software in seconds and have not only their phone conversations, but also their SMS, phonebooks, emails… There’s specific software that can do that for you.

Have you heard about Cell Phone Recon? It’s a software application that once installed in a mobile phone, lets you monitor all the activity from your computer. Pretty amazing.

This software is installed completely covert, no one knows it’s there. And while it’s active, you can see from your laptop what a user is texting, typing, or saying. Record that information and keep for future use. Even better, you can access GPS information and see where the cell phone is at the moment. This could be a great way for you to track your cheating spouse or your misbehaving teenager.
Take a look at some of the features of this spy listening device:

  • Mobile phone spy saves all information such as incoming/outgoing calls, text messages, phone activity, and GPS location
  • See which calls were placed, received, and missed, including call time and numbers calling
  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS text messages
  • View and backup phonebook contacts
  • View all sent and received e-mails (Note: Does not monitor incoming or outgoing e-mail for Android, Symbian OS Smartphones or Windows Mobile.)
  • Uses GSM and GPS tracking to pinpoint the location of your smartphone (Note: Does not track GPS locations for Symbian OS or Windows Mobile Smartphones.)
  • Automatically backs up all of the phone’s data in the background
  • Easily monitor and track from any Internet browser
  • Completely web-based program
  • Each purchase gives you 5 years of unlimited tracking and can easily be switched between phones

While it may seem unbelievable, your spy listening device can be weightless software. Digital piece of code that makes audio surveillance a child’s play.