Spy Kite

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There are great spy gadgets available for purchase, and there are also mediocre spy gadgets. The Spy Kite has the amazing ability to fly up to 80 feet in the air with a camera attached recording all the action that is not happening whatsoever in the sky. Since you are attempting to spy with a kit, good luck getting the camera to aim at anything you are searching for, whatsoever.

The cheap $57 kite from Gadget-shop is flown like a regular kite, although there is a remote control for the camera. You will have no ability to control where the camera is aimed, and you are assured a jerky, headache-inducing video.

You may ponder, what if the kite gets stuck in a tree? Even worse, many kites lose their drift and what happens is called a crash. A crash will most likely demolish your attached camera, especially if it lands on pavement.

So, if you are looking to spy in the sky at birds and random directions of atmosphere, then you have met your match. Hopefully you will enjoy the jerky and nauseating video when you are done flying. The Super Kite is a poor wannabe R/C spy helicopter that gives you complete control of the aerial action occurring on video. Skip the kite, and buy an R/C copter with an attached camera or attach your own.