Spy Cameras in the Office

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Why your business may need hidden office cameras?

If you are like many business managers, you have many daily tasks that prevent you from keeping a constant watch on your employees. While most employees may be trustworthy, you can never be fully sure 100% of the time if they are slacking on the job or possibly helping themselves to free personal items from the supply closet. As an employer, you do have the right to install a hidden office camera.

To keep an employee’s trust, you may want to tell them that the corporation is installing cameras, so as to forewarn them that they will be monitored. Whether you are lying on that count or not, at least you let the employees know that you did not start a spy expedition without their knowledge.

On the other hand, if you suspect something big, such as a computer programmer who is selling code to rival companies, you obviously want a hidden office camera focused on him or her to catch them committing the crime.

You may not find it necessary to constantly monitor all of your employees, but focus on ones that appear to not be following procedure. You may not be worried about an individual employee at all, but a specific area, such as a break room, where an employee has complained of sexual harassment by another employee. In an effort to help, an office spy cam can be hidden in the break room for evidence that the harassment is actually taking place.

As good and trusting as you may believe your employees are, there are temptations by some to waste labor time at work, steal, or harass someone else in the office, such as an attractive woman. She may hear male employees making sexual comments behind her back, which takes us right back to why hiding an office spy camera may be a good idea in areas where harassment is likely to occur.

Depending on your personal management techniques and business ethics, the use of a secret spy cam in the office is up to you. As previously mentioned, you can forewarn employee of the new monitoring system if you feel that keeping it secret violates their right-to-know about being monitored with cameras.

More often than not, hidden cameras, as well as visible cameras will be placed in many areas where there is an exchange of cash, or shopping occurs. In this situation, you are dealing with a retail environment. Shoplifters appear in the form of customers and employees. Everyone has an understanding of monitoring in a retail environment. Many cameras are purposely placed in view, so that everyone knows they are being watched. A visible camera is more useful as a deterrent to a would-be shoplifter than to actually catch a shoplifter because the thief understands he must try to hide from the camera.

So whether you are looking to monitor the office or a retail area, hidden office cameras are a big part of a company’s security. Monitoring is an important part of a work environment. Employees unmonitored for long portions of time may fall asleep for all you know. Having some hidden eyes and ears may just help you run a more efficient office.