Spy Cameras for Home Security

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What if you want more than just a cheap alarm system? For a concerned man, family and home security is of the highest importance. So what’s the next best thing that can make you feel more secure without draining your wallet?

Spy cameras for home. Yep, you thought that these are only for private detectives and law enforcers. Not anymore. Now almost anyone can get spy cams not only for surveillance, but personal protection as well.

Then and Now

In the earlier days, spy cameras were wired and expensive. You needed a CCTV monitor, a camera, receiver, transmitter. All this stuff was quite expensive and was affordable mostly to military, government, medium to large companies. But since then, things have changed.

Spy camera prices dropped. Functionality increased. And DIY packages are so easy to install that anyone can do it. Wireless spy cams came into the market. From mini cameras with built in transmitters to complete all in one, stand alone DVR products that require nothing else but to turn it on or off. This only increased the number of concerned citizens to protect their assets and privacy.

Choices on the Market

You can find plenty of low to high quality products online right now. Note: while cheap products seem tempting, it’s always suggested to invest more into a quality surveillance product than pay twice for cheap junk.

The most obvious choices when it comes to spy cameras for home are the following:

  • Micro spy cameras – Mini spy cams are one of the best things you can buy. They are tiny, which means you can place them anywhere you want. Wireless mini cameras bring you the joy of spy and surveillance as your options become almost limitless. 
  • Covert spy cameras – Hidden spy cameras like clock DVR, AC adapter spy cam, hidden plant camera are very easy to install. They are usually all-in-one packages. So you don’t need to deal with transmitters or receivers. These are self-recording device and very convenient for non-techie people. 
  • Camera security systems – If you want the ultimate surveillance and protection you can grab yourself surveillance security systems. These are made of 4, 8, 12, even 16 camera sets along with DVR. Can be used outdoors or indoors. This is professional security equipment and should be used in larger homes or small business offices, warehouses.

Where to Buy Spy Cameras

If you already have decided to protect yourself and get a spy camera for home or office, then you may find useful some of the options below. We’ve added some of the most popular and easiest to use DVR all-in-one systems, mini spy cameras and some quality surveillance system packages.