Spy Camera Pen – No Limits

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Pen Digital Cameras and Video Spy Pen Cameras Uncovered

When you hear ‘spy camera pen’, you automatically recollect some scene from a spy movie, don’t you? An unbelievably tiny spion camera hidden inside a simple pen is a symbol of espionage. But nowadays this device became easily available, and you do not need to be a professional spy to own one.

Kinds of Pen Spy Cameras

Somewhat similar in design and specifications, pen spy cameras can be found in a few varieties. Some are simpler, while others combine a number of options and can be as powerful as a conventional camera. Basically there are two main kinds of pen spy cameras – pen digital cameras and pen video cameras for taking photos and recording a video respectively. Some advanced models combine both functions. Audio recording capability is available with some models, too.

Pen Digital Cameras

A pen disguising a tiny digital camera inside is truly a wonderful device. Who would think you can use that usual working pen for taking candid snapshots? Whatever your aim is, you will be able to shoot and store up to 36 quality color pictures, which then can be downloaded to your PC. The camera has auto focus, exposure and balance, so all you need is to click. Most of the pen digital cameras even have a voice function that informs you on how many images were taken.

Spy Pen Video Cameras

An even more sophisticated device is a spion camera pen with video recording ability. One click on the top of the pen – and a high quality color video will start transmitting to your TV, VCR or monitor for easy recording.

Cool, isn’t it?

A tiny pinhole lens and minimal illumination make it almost impossible to detect that you are using your pen for a covert surveillance purpose. A video spion camera pen is a complete spy system with powerful transmitter, receiver, batteries and everything required for the successful video surveillance (specifications vary depending on the model).

Pen Audio Recorders

A separate spy tool is a digital pen with audio recording capability. The spy principle is the same as in any spy camera pen: a regular writing pen, worn innocently on your shirt pocket or left on the desk, contains a small device that allows continuous audio recording at one click. The required voice recording time can be set for a few minutes or up to a few hours prior to the start. Just make sure you are not violating the law as audio surveillance may be illegal.

All-in-one wonders

Yes, it is possible to combine still pen digital cameras, advanced video cameras and microphones for voice recording within a working pen of a regular size. Such ‘multitaskers’ often boast other amazing features and make a real delight for a spy.

You can click and store still images, transmit or record a live color video and capture the voice too! Such incredible spy systems come with all the necessary equipment including software for recording video images and sound, and printing out photographs.

Thanks to modern high tech, today anyone can feel as a real secret service agent. Professional spy tools hidden inside a small spion camera pen will give you an opportunity to make your own investigation, get access to secret information, spy on people even when you are out, capture important conversations the choices are unlimited. Any undercover assignment becomes easy with a spy camera pen.