Spy Camera Lens

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Camera lens is simply a specifically shaped piece of glass or multiple glasses used along with other electronic devices to focus images. You first heard about lens in reference to photography and photo cameras. But as a matter of fact, pretty much the same lens is used in video cameras too. CCTV, mini spy cameras, bullet cams or stand alone DVR’s all use lens, which in principle is the same as telescope, photo cameras or microscope lenses.

There are different types of lenses used in spy/security cameras. Some are wide lens capable of providing broader perspective view. It’s ideal for 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras. Focal length of a lens determines the view you can capture with a camera. Standard length is 50mm, while wide angle recording requires 28mm max.

When shopping for spy camera lens or just choosing spy cameras, ask the sell about the lens to determine what you’ll be getting. Many poor manufactured cameras have cheap lens that make videos seem out of focus and real poor quality. So find out about the lens of a spy camera when buying if you demand high quality picture.