Spy Button Camera

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In a previous article I mentioned that one of the most common and probably best suited mini spy camera device is a wrist watch spy camera. You can take it with you anywhere you go and it’s even waterproof. Today I’d like to catch your attention with another awesome body worn mini camera device for covert surveillance and that is button camera.

Button camera has some advantages over other devices, because you don’t need to point anything towards a recorded suspect/object. You simply sit or stand in front of anything you want to capture.

That doesn’t attract attention and you get quality video stored.

Button cameras may come as standalone DIY packages or along with DVR’s. For more tech-savvy users, do it yourself button cameras may be the best option. But for the rest of us, it’s so much easier just to buy the whole package and not worry about anything else. Of course except on how to make your clothing buttons look like the spy camera button.

PI’s and surveillance experts love this type of camera, because of perfect video you can capture. It’s easy to press a button and start recording. It’s also easy to capture the most important part when the camera is on your chest level. You get pretty good viewing angle this way.

To make it easier to fit on your clothing they usually come with a bunch of real buttons so you can replace your existing ones and have one style. With some models, you get screws. What? Yeah, screws. Instead of screwing a button, you screw a… well screw. So you can use in indoor locations.

You can take a look at the video where a girl introduces one of the button cameras and shows how it works. You can see later in the video the actual footage quality when recording. It’s really good given the tiny size of this spy button camera.

Take a look at a few good button/screw spy camera models below. One of them is a single mini camera that you setup yourself. The other comes with included DVR and is slightly more expensive.