Sprinkler Head Camera

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Detection of the Sprinkler Head Covert Camera is impossible as it blends in seamlessly with other sprinkler heads in an office building or a retail store. You can mount it anywhere you need extra security, such as the front of a store you own, or even your home office.

The camera is a great addition to an office area to monitor the productivity of your employees. Who gets that pink slip becomes less of a stress for you when you show them a video of them sleeping on their desk. But the camera also reveals those employees who work hard, and deserve a raise and promotion.

The only thing the sprinkler head camera won’t do is put out a fire, but you have real sprinklers for that situation. To avoid looking out of the ordinary, be sure to install the sprinkler heads in areas where one would expect to find a real sprinkler head for a fire.

The camera is a terrific asset for keeping an eye on any situation warranting your attention.