Sound Amplifier for Stealth Audio Surveillance

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Are You Planning to Secretly Listen In on Someone? Try Some of Our Best Sound Amplifying Devices that Will Pick Up Even the Slightest Whisper

Professional secret surveillance requires stealth & experience. But that’s just half of the ingredients. If you want to execute a covert operation flawlessly, you need top notch technology. In the spying world audio listening devices such as distant recorders or wall microphones are very common.

Most of the distant listening gadgets are used by professionals. However with the help of internet a lot of them have been brought to light, for regular consumers. Now you don’t need to watch mission impossible with dropped jaw.

You can get one of those high-tech listening devices and perform secret audio surveillance tasks in a breeze.

One of the most exciting gadgets in the listening device category are probably sound amplifiers. These enable you to catch sound vibration coming from very far away. Or let you eavesdrop on someone whispering nearby by catching and amplifying the sound waves.

How Does Sound Amplifier Work?

Let’s put it straight and simple. Amplifying means to make it sound louder. The noise of the sound depends on how high or low its wave (amplitude) is. Now sound amplifier works by giving that sound wave more energy. And this is performed by using a current.

Amplifier contains a semiconductor for conducting electric current, which is used to increase voltage of the sound. When a sound wave goes through a current to the amplifier, semiconductor boosts the voltage of the audio sound. This makes audio waves higher, so the noise becomes louder.

Examples of Sound Amplifiers

Monster Ear Sound Amplifier – is one of the best listening devices on the market right now. It’s a parabolic handheld microphone with headphones. This sound amplifier can grab a distance sound from up to 300 yards away. One of the longest ranges for distant listeners.

It’s used by private investigators, law enforcers, etc. But can easily be used in nature. Listening to birds, animals at night. You can be sure to grab every single sound coming from the direction.

But sound amplifiers can be used for convert audio surveillance on the spot. Here’s a Stealth Tactical Ear for example. You put this tiny ear peace in your ear and it will amplify the sounds around you up to 11 times. Designed for pros, this omnidirectional micro sound amplifier will easily pick up low volume/muted noises. You can spy on anyone with this device. It’s perfect for on the go spy listening.


There are more sound amplifiers in the range for your convenience. It depends on what you want. Distant amplifiers like “Monster Ear” are great for outdoor surveillance. PI’s choice. You can find amplifiers that work well indoors, such as wall mics that let you amplify sound vibrations coming from another room. Useful for eavesdropping in motels or hotels .

If you’re unsure of what you want and would be interested in browsing for another sound amplifier of your choice, go ahead and click the link below.

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