So You Want to Build a Spy Camera System?

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No better time exists for a complete and full spy camera system than right now. Many people say that a hidden camera system is not necessary. They believe costs outweigh the benefits. Now if you are living on a quarter acre lot with a 1500 square foot house, then installing 20 cameras is ridiculous. The cost most definitely outweighs any benefit.

A complete spy camera system has the following security tools and gadgets: spy cameras to be hidden, a PC or DVR for recording, playback, and storage, a wireless transmitter, and a wireless receiver. Now immediately when you buy a wireless spy camera, the transmitter and receiver come with the camera. The number of cameras you use depends on exactly what kind of spy coverage you want. You can buy simple CCTV wireless cameras that are not hidden, but meant to be seen by intruders so they know they are seen.

A wireless camera destined to be covertly hidden somewhere on your property, whether inside or outside is the better choice if you want an undetectable spy system. Putting spy cameras in objects or hooking up and mounting tiny 1/8 inch cameras will ensure they will not be found. Buy enough cameras to cover what you want outside, as well as what you want inside. You may also choose to pick an optional pan, tilt, zoom spy camera. These cameras can be controlled from a remote location such as your computer. It also can be moved around.

If you want to get real-time coverage, then buy a solid DVR. DVRs come in many flavors. They may be small and only allow control over one camera. A 4 channel DVR allow you to control and view up to 4 cameras at once. The best of DVR systems can cover over 20 cameras, but that is decidedly overkill unless you are setting up in a large retail store. The DVR is your storage device for your camera feeds. You can also record directly to the PC, but a DVR allows for you to connect to any TV, rather than just using your PC.

An all-inclusive spy camera system may be a wise purchase for you as well if you do not want to buy individual components. The Internet Ready 4 Camera Surveillance System w/ Night vision. Such product comes with 4 wireless cameras ready for you to mount wherever you desire. A built-in 4 channel DVR system is included which records up to 500GB of information. Since all cameras are wireless, you can place and mount them wherever you like. Hook your DVR up to your computer and you have a central command station to be the eyes and ears of your property.

Once you have installed all the components, it is as simple as executing a program on the computer. You can scan in real-time or you can look back later at data from any point in time with your DVR.