Security Camera Systems

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When you hear everyone talk about security camera systems you may sometimes wonder what exactly it is. The word system reveals it’s something more sophisticated than it actually is… So let’s take a look at the components that are required to have such a security system.

  • Security Cameras – Cameras are essential for “camera systems”. We’re not talking about home alarms here. Usually, there are more than one camera as you probably need to monitor more than one angle of your property. 4 camera systems are the most common. 8 to 16 are more expensive.
  • DVR – Earlier you’d get VCR, nowadays it’s DVR. Basically, we’re talking about some kind of recording device here. There are special DVR’s with high capacity hard drives already. Or you can choose DVR PC cards to install in your computer and turn it into a 24/7 surveillance machine.
  • Wires/Wireless – There are wired CCTV systems, although majority now are wireless. Less hassle and you have more mobility if you need to move one camera to another place for instance. Wireless systems contain transmitter (inside camera) and wireless receiver that gets the signal and turns it into a video. Receivers are sometimes built in DVR’s or come separately to connect to a DVR.
  • LCD Monitors – In some cases you get monitors. Some packages don’t include these. Monitors are needed if you want to watch real-time what’s happening in the area. Or if you have a security guard who needs to zoom in or monitor something on the spot. For simpler, home systems monitor isn’t needed and you can watch footage later on your PC or laptop.

Nothing sophisticated right? Usually this equipment is bundled together into a single package called – security camera system. There might be additional details like software, some wires, and instruction manuals. But basically that’s all there is to it. Such systems can be cheaper than buying separately. Plus, if a company offers free installation, you got yourself a deal.