Real Time Mini GPS Tracking System – No Monthly Fee

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A Dream Come True! Mini GPS, GSM, GPRS Tracker without Monthly Fees is Now Available

Who wants to pay monthly fees when you don’t have to right? Well, if that’s what you want, then here’s a nice little spy gadget for you. This mini GPS tracker sends data real time and you can see the target’s location with local GPS route tracer or using Google maps.

Best of all, there’s no activation or monthly fees to pay. All you need is a SIM card, which can be bought or added to existing provider’s plans. Tracking software is provided to you at no cost whatsoever.

These days you have such a wide reach with your cell phone that making calls from almost anywhere is possible. And that’s the beauty of this mini GPS (GSM, GRPS) tracker. Where a cell phone can reach, this tracker can track. And you’ll see real-time movement by using any mapping software without monthly fees.

Unique Technology

Such mini GPS tracking systems use a new technology called DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency). It allows sending live GPS location data via GSM voice channel straight into a phone.

You as the user have the ability to track and monitor the object without internet connection. It uses DTFM, so there’s no internet or call center in the middle. You simply call the tracker, hear the continue dial tone and put phone speaker to the decoder microphone. Decoder will decode the dial tone into a GPS NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) data.

Mini GPS Tracker Battery

This smart tracking system continuously sends back real-time location data. Plus it go into a sleep mode. It means huge power-saving options and much longer battery energy time, as well as less frequent recharging times.

This little device can last for as long as 5 days with a regular rechargeable battery. If you want the most convenient personal GPS tracking system, then this gadget is perfect for you.

Alert Functions

You can also set 3 different priority call phone numbers inside this mini GPS tracker. Whenever user presses the SOS button, an alert SMS with the exact location data is immediately sent out to the predefined numbers.

Another useful built-in function is called Geo-Fencing. It means that the tracker will send an SMS alert whenever the object leaves a preset area. It can be used to monitor your property or kids.