Professional Spy Listening Equipment

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Relatively small, handy, and easy to use spy listening device for professional investigators, police, military or about anyone who’s planning to listen secretly to conversations.

Nicely designed listener can reach sound waves from up to 300 feet. Imagine standing in side of a baseball stadium and being able to hear what people are talking about on another side. It’s truly amazing. And for any professional law enforcement team, such spy listening equipment is absolutely must have. Just think about all the possibilities with it.

You can sit in a van with darkened windows and point this device to a couple drug dealers. When you don’t know for sure, this will come in handy. You can hear every single word they say. And once you have the proof, go ahead and snatch the criminals.

How about surveillance in remote areas? Yes, can’t be any better. You can sit few hundred feet away from the target in the bushes and listen to some crucial conversations inside the house. Really, once you get this device, you’ll see dozens of different ways to use it in practice. The viewfinder with 10x optical system will let you zoom in see what you’re hearing close up.

Animal lovers can use this neat little device to perform surveillance on animals or do bird watching. You can hear the smallest sound from hundreds of feet away. Discover the nature in a shape and form you’ve never seen it before. With this spy listening equipment you can do all surveillance, be it animals in wild nature, be it people in real life.

Surveillance listening devices such as this one usually come in pricey. Professional usage requires top-notch quality production and it costs money. Surprisingly enough, this listening equipment is only over a $100. Now this is probably the lowest price you’ll find anywhere around. Go ahead, try searching for similar devices yourself. That is why it is such a great deal for you. You can get the professional, military and government level quality at only a fraction of a cost that normal surveillance listening devices cost.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the specifications of this tool below:


  • Records up to 12 seconds on digital chip play back
  • 10x prism optical monocular
  • Parabolic sound collecting switch
  • Frequency Controller
  • Record Button
  • Playback button
  • Dim: 11″ L x 7″ H
  • Diameter: 7″

Enough Talking. It’s Time to Take a Closer Look at This Great & Powerful Spy Listening Device

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for more audio surveillance items.)