Portable Speech Protection?

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In the world of business it is important to keep private meetings private. Those who wish to eavesdrop or spy on you illegally may have tapped your phone or bugged your office. With the Portable Speech Protection System in your possession, all radio frequencies of any tracking bugs or listening devices will become scrambled with distorted speech that cannot be understood.

Some of the Great Features

Some of the great features of the Portable Speech Protection System included plug and play for instant use, audio jamming, chaotic noise generator for scrambling any spy devices, a built- in bug detector to find wiretaps, adds a second pink-noise generator that performs a second scramble, and eliminates the need for large sound systems to keep your speech private.

What Do Spies Want?

Most spies who are eavesdropping on your business conversations competitors looking for information that would help them understand how your business operates including processes, pricing, sales tactics, financial information, contract bids, and manufacturing ideas.

A private office can be truly private with the Portable Speech Protection System. You are safe from would–be information thieves with voice scrambling, and you can find their hidden devices with the RF Detector.