Phone GPS Tracking With A Blackberry

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Many phones allow for GPS tracking in these technologically advanced times. The ability to track someone’s phone is now available with Executrac software for Blueberry. The program allows you to keep track of 1000’s of company phones all at once without the employee ever knowing you are checking up on them.

Phone GPS tracking is a vital service to any company that is looking to optimize the efficiency of their work. To find employees who are slacking on the job, parking and running up the clock, or going off and arranging personal errands on company’s valuable time.

Large companies lose billions of dollars of revenue each year from idle employees. With the Executrac, you simply download the program to your phone. You can then track any other phones that are registered in your company’s name. So each and every employee with a company phone is traceable within approximately ten feet using the GPS tracker program.

How Does the Executrac Program Work?

The Executrac program is a simple Blackberry application download and at the same time extremely sophisticated piece of phone GPS tracking software. You can track your employees’ phones directly from your own phone. To remotely track multiple phones at once, you need to have a Blackberry Enterprise Server that uses Push technology.

The program runs secretly on your company’s cell phones, and uses less than 15% of a full battery charge. Unless you forewarned your employees, they will never know you can track them hanging out at a restaurant for 3 hours while on the clock. With Executrac, you have the power to eliminate labor costs that are wasting your company’s money.

The Executrac program also includes a panic button and records up to five years of tracking history. GPS phone tracking has never been easier. Google Earth functionality is also included in the tracking program. Best of all, you can track anyone directly from your Blackberry, no matter where you are, instead of having to sit behind a computer with the installed software.

The Specs of the Executracfor Blackberry:

  • No software to load, as the program is completely web-based
  • User interface allows new items to be updated in real-time without refreshing a page
  • View multiple devices on a map all at once
  • Display GPS tracking history from your phone
  • Includes Google maps, hybrid maps, and satellite maps
  • No PC necessary, track any device with your Blackberry
  • Ability to send alert emails to all phones at once
  • Reporting of driving history, mileage, specific time frame report, and daily logins on all phones

With the Executrac program from Blackberry, you are in total control of every phone registered. All employees can be sent e-mails at once, or you can track them all to see exactly what is happening. Phone GPS tracking is made user-friendly with Executrac software for the Blackberry.

Remember the importance of eliminating lost revenue due to employees that are being lazy, idle, or running personal errands and making work time their personal time. Once you track an employee that repeatedly abuses his or her work-time, you can pull out the Blackberry and confront that employee to explain their actions or lack of actions.