No Fee Nice GPS Tracker


Free From a Fee

If you have a GPS system, you are aware that most companies charge a monthly fee for its usage. So not only do you have to buy the GPS hardware, but you have a new monthly bill to use the GPS system itself.

The Conan – No Fee GPS is a unit that is perfect for anyone wanting real-time GPS tracking in a vehicle without all those fees. You can control the Conan with your cellphone.

Multiple Modes

  • SMS Trigger mode allows the Conan device to send you a GPS position whenever you send a text to the GPS unit.
  • Motion trigger mode starts the GPS tracker when the device detects that the car is in motion. In this mode, the device sends you an update every 5 minutes.
  • Geofence alarm mode allows you to set boundaries of where the car can move. If a boundary is passed a text alert is sent to you. Great for teens who are trying to drive too far from home.
  • Speeding alarm mode is, you guessed it, a mode that sends a message to your phone with GPS information as well as a speed report.
  • Live tracking mode is a non-stop tracking mode in which you can control the Conan to send location status updates up to 255 times per setting.

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