Necklace with Cross and a Hidden Camera

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Ever considered spying with a Christian cross necklace? It may be one of the last places to ever suspect a hidden spy camera. Still the Cross Cam Necklace is a superb and quite covert piece of surveillance technology. The necklace records seamless video at 30 frames per second, while storing video on an internal DVR with 4GB of memory.


  • Plug and play device makes charging and video transfer a breeze
  • Never miss a moment; record sports, special events, evidence for court
  • 4Gb memory is able to store over 2 hours of video
  • High-quality clear and sharp video recordings


  • Silver Cross Cam Pendant
  • Necklace (Chain)
  • USB Transfer Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • User Manual

Covert Ops and Your Necklace

The camera cross necklace is something you really have to see for yourself. This device is technical ingenuity at its finest. You thought that nanny cam with a DVR was unique, but now you can obtain the most unexpected piece of spy gadgetry. The pen recorder is a great item, but how great is it to wear your hidden camera as a cross necklace?

Never Be Caught

With the cross necklace, your chance of being found out are basically non-existent. Unless you just happen to stick the cross under a magnifying glass and tell people to check it out, then you are safe. You can count on using the necklace and never being suspected by anyone.