MP3 Player Spy Camera

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Ever wanted to have a tiny spy cam that doesn’t make you look suspicious, yet enables you to record video on the go? Well, this MP3 player is exactly that. It’s regular player where you can listen to up to 1,500 songs. But also, you can switch it to the recording mode and capture video quietly and without much distraction.

In the previous series I mentioned you about spy camera glasses. These things are great and very comfortable to use. But there are situations when you just can’t wear glasses, but you still need a mini camera to record with. MP3 player camera would be the perfect solution. It’s small, nice design, easy to use.

How it Works?

You just take out your player and listen to whatever music you want. When you want to record, just press a button and start filming. You can choose if you want to record video. That would be 640×480 resolution. Or you can take still shots of 1.3 megapixels. Everything is stored in the SD card. It’s 1Gb, but you can extend that to 8Gb for more data.

To take out the footage, simply stick your SD card into the computer and watch with any player that plays .AVI format. You can charge the battery in 2 hours and it will last 1 hour if used continuously.

It’s suggested to take this mini hidden camcorder to casual events, parties, somewhere where you can feel comfortable with headphones and an MP3 player.

With this small device you get 2 gadgets in one. It’s easy to use and very convenient body worn spy camera. The price is low and you get what you want. Go ahead and grab this nice spy gadget by following the link below:

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for body worn cameras.)